Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tenhub Restoran, yulek - hot pepper soup

28 June 2017 - I was coming over for yulek food street near 711. Food list to buy will always be:
1)Fried oyster, given cute little qq oysters, at least very minimal muddy texture 
2)Porridge with fresh fish, pork or chicken 
3)Phoon kee sweet dessert 
4)Yulek Chee cheong fun
All are food stalls located near 7-11.

Passing by this hot pepper soup and gave a try since the price seems okay.

Their style of hot pepper soup will be a mix of chicken meat, pork meat, pork intestines.

Too much pepper in the soup, and with such a size of claypot, the ingredients are only 1.5 rice bowl portion, not in a good ratio as I drink the soup a lot, but less meats in the soup.

Just a taste of spicy to wake me up once a while. However, I still prefer hot pepper soup Hakka style at taman Midah, Cheras.

Simple life organic food - average

20 July 2017 - I was passing by simple life shop and give a try on their organic food again. The last I remembered having my meal at here was 3 years ago. I was pregnant and I was eating fresh salad but end up getting stomach pain. (I found out that fresh greens might contain soils, where pregnant women was not recommended to have raw greens or raw meat) 

Ordered a simple bowl of different types of mushroom brown noodles soup. I remember that simple life serves bigger portion, which explains their price aside from the healthy meal concept. Well,  I guess ringgit is really shrinking, so does the portion. What to do? Can't blame them. 

No doubt, the aroma of fresh mushrooms Condensed in flavors as you boil the mushroom together with the fresh Chinese herbs as you can see that's how they boil the herbal soup.  Now, those who cook at home will know that boiling a herbal soup will need minimum 2 hours to get real Chinese herbal soup. (not those processed herbal soup powder). Hopefully, I am right on them as their soup was very tasty and nutritious.

Greens as usual, brocolli, carrots are the good fibre in this bowl. However, I was dissapointed when I eat its brown noodles. Look like Yee mee version, the thin brown noodles was tasteless and it tastes as if I am eating a curdled flour just in noodles shape. Gave a second chance to try again, with the tasty herbal soup, but still not a great feeling. If only the noodles are springy or at least smooth texture. No, not all brown grains carbo taste bad, but it has to be either the noodle supplier or the cook couldn't deliver as per say. 

Money for value? Something heavier than a normal snack, but if you are super hungry, this medium sized portion (1.5 size of small rice bowl)  might not be sufficient for you.

Azzuro cafe - food by surprise

16 July 2017 -
Passed by azzuro cafe and you will see lots of glass display with drinks and simple pastries or cakes. Azzuro is located course to Victoria Secret at pavilion.

Little did you know azzuro serves a lot of salad, pasta, main course, etc. Azzuro places themselves as an Italian cafe and the staff are well dressed, perhaps people thought azzuro is a fine dining cafe.

Probably because you didn't see where is the chef and the kitchen. Actually the kitchen is located behind the shops towards toilet direction.

When you are sick of eating local food everyday, a simple bowl of Caesar salad - fresh greens and vinegar, olive oil, salt... Simply refreshing!

Their beef bolognese spaghetti was a big portion, probably 1.5 pax portion.. And to my surprise given a price at rm30++, a bit watery but the sauce was okay.
@azurro cafe pavilion

Their portion is big and the price is reasonable.

Worth to come here.

Dworkshop cafe, wisma cke cheras

12 July 2017 - A Hidden cafe at wisma cke Cheras, D workshop is a workshop deco concept with helmet and toolbox props..burger might be rm15++ but the portion and real meat burger per their slogan - great coffee, great food
Green tea latte wasn't something new yet it gives you a well blended caffeine. Mushroom soup from blended real mushroom with little  cream.. And the clams are presented nicely surrounding the spaghetti...taste wise well, is not that bad
recommended dworkshop cafe if you are looking for comfort simple food. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Say ciao to via pre Italian restaurant

6 July 2017 - we were just done with the immigration matters, and was thinking if Mr FM craving for Thailand or Italian food. Turn out he decides to try Italian food (and this decision was like huh? You are eating Italian food almost everyday)

Decide to drive to via pre. Basically via pre at Kl is an open area, casual dining, and well, don't expect air-conditioned or high class concept. This has explained they are aiming for casual dining and hence, decent price on menu.

The restaurant manager, and others staff were friendly and keep on chat with us and also check with us if everything is alright. Great greeting and the courtesy to keep attending to us, without us asking.

First was the turkey ham pizza. My expectation was least thinner crust, but the flour of making the pizza was thick, to be compared with domino's (sorry)
Pizza never goes wrong with tomato and cheese as base. Turkey ham was okay if you want to give a try.

Next, it is the potato dumpling Italian style, served with their eggplant paste.
I am sure I had the potato dumpling elsewhere, and the taste was bit disappointing. Probably it wasn't cooked longer to have the dumplings well blend into the sauce.

Eggplant paste was a new taste bud for me, mixing it with olive oil and celery. I guess I feel funny because of the celery. Nevertheless, staff says this is one of the Italians mini starter.

Good house wine, and oh yeah, I was asking for Tobasco. They don't have it but they offer me fresh blended chilli paste. It was like the tamer version of our local belacan, but a little taste of it just makes you fly up the sky. Go for it if you love chilli paste.

It seems the staff or the restaurant owner tries to introduce lots of real Italian food, but probably due to lack of import ingredients, or maybe chef has their own version doing less Authentic taste.

New wine restaurant bar, Cheras - cincin

7 July 2017 - A pleasant surprise to see new wine bar restaurant at Cheras, with the name CINCIN...enjoy food wine pairing upstairs, or else beer lover just enjoy happy hour downstairs.

Feel secure as there will be security guard surrounding Cincin.

the localized taste of the pasta, it is challenging to make a fusion appeal:

👉crispy bacon strips spaghetti, overcooked garlic gives a bitter taste but I love it.
👉Creamy butter salted egg yolk soft shell crabs cooked with spaghetti, fragrant, creamy, hot chilli padi but taste slightly sweet (probably coated sugar in the sauce)
👉Wine2u as the biz partner and wine Supplier, so you going to get good wines in the shelves. Tempranillo Merlot medium bodied wine (a little spice is nice)
👉Ductor Merlot from Italy is full body, longer lasting finishing at your throat.
However, the walk way is so dark as you come up, seems we are dining in the dark! As they were having promotion, and it was Friday, the place was crowded and very noisy (probably can't do much due to the music echo)

Food presentation is moderate in consideration. Price on menu is reasonable.

Psst, do let the chef do the cold cut and cheese cutting!  Also, I have doubts to have creamy/ heavy Aroma food to pair with red wine.  A educational wine tasting and food wine pairing are both equally important, to see wine business and the food lifestyle to be up to date.