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The Story of the PR Writer & Metafit Fitness Coach

Current Traffic Stats:  3000 - 5000 monthly views, organic reach.

Okay, I know some of you might be want to know my profile, coverage, etc. I will write everything in short so that it is easier for you and me.

Name: Suki Jezz

: piggy091385(a)


Blog Interests
: Travel, Food, Culture, only followed by lifestyle-related contents

Strength and Skills
: Aside from blogging, I am capable of handling Press Release, Writing, Copywriting, Blogger Marketing, Branding, Content Writer, and social media content.

Additional Profile: On May 2018, I am a certified METAFIT HIIT coach. If you are looking for HIIT bodyweight training classes or for your corporate, kindly engage me to have a fun, healthy, intense, effective workout!

This is my Metafit Facebook Page

Accomplishment: I am one of the chosen contributors for a free digital travel magazine.

Other job roles:
 I can be your Personal Fitness Trainer.  I will also share/ recommend Health, Wellness, and Financial related products and services with you.

Blogging style: your company info, or any of your general content, followed by my own thoughts or reviews.

Top Category, tone and manner:


I think it should be sufficient info for you...Now, if you have time to read my 'fairytales' stories...

Sept 2010 Hotel miracle project
    Suki Jezz is a Malaysian but think differently than others. Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia...SJ has been falling in love with English and Chinese music and had been performing dance shows during the school time.

As time passes; she learned a lot from studying, working and her personal life. Her passion is into music, travel, education, health and financial, and she did not give up all her lovers of passion. She loves what she is doing, and love to share around what she knows, and always being a good listener by listening to others and opinions.

SJ still strongly believes in personal touch. “People nowadays are really busy and at some point, certain human’s touch has gone. It is sad to see the world has changed as money is a sensitive issue, but I still believe face to face and communicate with people within is better than technologies, as modern technologies provide information, but not feeling.”

Childhood with my brother

Being strong in PR and marketing skills, she enjoys doing what she is doing, and in her personal life, she likes to meet people from all around the world with no discrimination of any races or religions. “The most important in dealing with people is RESPECT, and LEARN TO COMMUNICATE.” “I see what my eyes seen, I hear what my ears heard, I believe what my heart feels, and thou I do not believe what people said till I feel it personally.”

Never Forget our childhood...
When people asked me: "Are you Malaysian?" I replied: "Well, I am but I am not in others perspective ways."

Combination of My Capabilities to meet your Needs to Success

Active and Likely to be in:-
  • PR Media
  • Writing, Editing, and Journalism
  • Business Network Opportunities, Social Gatherings, Events
  • Food, Sports, Travel, and Dance 
For advertising, advertorial and review inquiries: piggy091385(at) (no spamming please)

Pages and links:

My Achievements - The Path of Happiness

This is a success story of my client’s achievement, and we plan out the best to achieve it. I was happy back then, when my client who later became my friend, Augustine appeared as a testimony in Fitness First.

And I still believe in achievement and to make you a better, fitter, healthy person. Contact me if you have problems related with health and fitness. I will be at my very best to assist you.

Apart from Work, Let’s Stay Connected

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Appreciate our friendship

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