Thursday, July 20, 2017

Azzuro cafe - food by surprise

16 July 2017 -
Passed by azzuro cafe and you will see lots of glass display with drinks and simple pastries or cakes. Azzuro is located course to Victoria Secret at pavilion.

Little did you know azzuro serves a lot of salad, pasta, main course, etc. Azzuro places themselves as an Italian cafe and the staff are well dressed, perhaps people thought azzuro is a fine dining cafe.

Probably because you didn't see where is the chef and the kitchen. Actually the kitchen is located behind the shops towards toilet direction.

When you are sick of eating local food everyday, a simple bowl of Caesar salad - fresh greens and vinegar, olive oil, salt... Simply refreshing!

Their beef bolognese spaghetti was a big portion, probably 1.5 pax portion.. And to my surprise given a price at rm30++, a bit watery but the sauce was okay.
@azurro cafe pavilion

Their portion is big and the price is reasonable.

Worth to come here.

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