Thursday, March 15, 2018

The hut kebab restaurant at mcity Ampang

11 March 2018 - Kebab Arabian or middle Eastern cuisine is not something new in Kuala Lumpur, as we have so many Muslim friends in home grown Malaysia. My first attempt on trying out Miidle Eastern food was at  Al Rawsha kl, Kampong Pandan where it is my first try on their hummus, chick peas with sesame, lemon and olive oil. 

I also remembered some of the middle eastern restaurant don't really cook that well, I assume it falls into the chef cooking skill.

So we stop by The Hut, which is located at M City Ampang. A small 500-600 sqft and with 5 tables. Bright yellow 'bee' color approach.

What makes me wonder is always their grilled meat which are tender and savoury. Always comes with a mini green salad, their pita bread. What I am curious is how did the meat taste better than our normal satay? I mean what did they do? Marinate the lean meat overnight? No fats, yet not chewy like a chunk of chicken breasts? Well, only the chef knows, foodies tend to taste and guess.

Here come my favourite hummus with olive oil in the middle. Hummus always remind me as the 'ashtray' , haha! chickpeas puree, garlic, tahini and olive oil. google and read that basically they prepare the ingredients and blend them in food processor. Don't ask me why they choose to put olive oil in the middle.

Okay, again here comes the famous kebab. Again, the meat texture was well done with their wood oven grilling method and also the  meat, be it chicken, beef, and lamb, are often skewered and grilled as kebabs. The best is I am always amazed that any Middle Eastern restaurant that prepare their meat using Shawarma. I was like palms down, I am in.

The only downside is they keep serving french fries along with the set meal. Which I think it is applicable more towards unhealthy fast food concept. I rather they do not serve french fries but probably alternative healthy mashed potatoes or something, but what I know is everytime, the must food items is: Shawarma, pita bread and hummus!

JP boutique cafe - crystal beads, pastry cakes, special food

Pleasantly surprised when we step into JP boutique cafe at tayton Cheras. Slightly different view of ID via online facebook page. 

Founded by local celebrity, Jason phang, he put much effort and passion in his cafe. 

Started off selling crystal beads bracelets online to physical store, further extended to a boutique cafe that serve you special dishes, these are not the normal fusion menu you can get elsewhere. 

Also selling different type of ladies fashion, beauty, DIY handmade soap by others Celebrity friends. Some items were bought overseas as they travel. Most Crystal beads are basically not sync with fortune, feng shui or ba zi, but more towards 'Fate' n personal likings.

Both Jason n phirence who are travel partners in crime, bring in lots of interesting food, drinks concept as they travel around the world. Again, they give the f&b inspiration with some local taste.

Nasi lemak kerabu Petai RM 18.90 with the strong kick of freshly made chilli sambal petai. Side dishes - boiled brinjal, macadamia, boiled egg, potatoes.

Sawadee Aglio Olio RM 19.90. Thailand style of Stir fry spaghetti with pesto, crunchy nuts toppings, dried Chilli n palm oil.

Cheesy Enriched tuna Cheese toastie RM 13.90 where they stuff in lots of tuna together with bread fillings. I would say it is a generous tuna in bread, not the usual applying thin layers of tuna in between 2 slices of bread. A combination of french toast presentation with lots of tune fillings. Best is when you taste the melting cheese at the bread surface.

Their coffee contains alcohol or non-alcohol as option. As it was a Friday night, I opt for a simple relaxation tea for chillax.

Special lavendar romance dessert- cheese mousse with chocolate macaroons and even the stick is edible.

Their pastry chef (used to work at five stars hotel) is well-known pioneer in all their cakes and desserts. I can see all freshly homemade abstract art of cakes.

Small but extended long floor capacity, like any other shop house space. Accommodate 30 pax max. Non-halal cafe FYI.

03-9133 7309

35A, 1st Floor, Jalan Dato Haji Harun, Taman Taynton View, 56000 Batu 9 Cheras

Open daily 11am - 10pm