Friday, August 10, 2018

Monakay restaurant, oug - african nigerian cuisine

9 Aug 2018 - This week is so damn exotic searching for non Malaysian food. Yday tried this nigerian African food recipe at monakay oug. This is how they serve, every plate is big portion for 2 pax, charging you in between rm25-30 per plate.

We ordered:

Nigerian fried rice: basically a version of Chinese fried rice or mamak nasi briyani. Vegetables, meat, beans, raisins. Great for kids.

tomato stew with spicy chilli padi

👉nigerian tomato stew with meat (recommended for spicy foodie hunter) : I love this so my Ch2 because of the crazy spicy kick from their spicy chilli padi. Basically they fry and stew fresh tomatoes into paste, add on curry,thyme,onions. However, the restaurant serves all. Mixed meat of chicken, beef, fish, all deep fried each serving. And later on just pour the sauce on top of the meats. This is their style. Prefer the stewed meat and only One type of meat being served. You can choose Only one type, or you mix all meats Together.

👉egusi soup and eba. This is so not our taste haha. They call it melon seed soup, using a similar seed like Chinese kuaci seed to make the soup. 

It doesn't look like soup but it is, a form of seed-like crumbs. They used african local ingredients such as: bitter leaves, fluted pumpkin, ground dawadawa.
The taste was a faded smell of something burning, the aroma of the melon seed.
We manage to enjoy one tough beef skin in the egusi soup. The pounded yam from Africa is similar like a big flour bun. You need to dip the eba yam flour together with egusi soup.

👉spicy vegetables with anchovies. It does look like spinach but then again, it could be fluted pumpkin leaves or water leaves or mix again. This is a spicy kick again!

Stomach burning trying spicy tomato stew.

Most of the food ingredients will. Be chopped finely or grinded/ blended. Maybe they like those flavorful tiny bites.

Spent rm128 includes beer and Drinks.

Restoran Monakay

B3,-0-32, Jalan 1/152, perindustrian, Taman Overseas Union, 58200 Kuala Lumpur
017-350 5676
Mon - Sat 12pm - 12am
Closed on Sunday

Thursday, August 9, 2018

La Mexicana and Kobe, Nihonkan Club Jalan Ampang

7 Aug 2018 -Was Craving for some authentic Mexican food so we head over to la mexicana...didnt know that the Japanese kobe restaurant located side by side with LA mexicana.. So now you get to enjoy Japanese beef and great Mexican food at the same time.. Operates two different kitchens...not combine fusion food FYI. Also perfect if you are looking to have event for 100pax, this place is suitable for your event.

Steven from British the manager comes over to check how is the Food and everything with his usual friendly gesture. His mexican wife is the one who cooks all the great food in the kitchen for you.

We ordered:
Mexican kitchen-

avocado and nachos

👉guacamole la mexican rm28, the super big bowl of healthy avocado fats dipping with tomatoes cuts, along with nacho chips

👉burritos de chilorio rm30, a deep fried flour tortilla rolled with stewed sinaloan pork fillings. Ahhh... Don't have photo to refer, I was aiming for a normal burrito but yet this is also very delicious.
fish tacos

👉tacos ensenada rm27 wheat tortilla tacos stuffed with tempura fish, served with salsa Verde. This is good for me. 

👉hey, margarita rm30 the combination of tequila, Cointreau, lime juice shake shake with ice. A little salt surround the glass top, as you sip on the classic margarita. 

👉nachos la mexicana big rm27, nachos platter with lots of melted cheese, beans, Pico de Gallo salsa. Good for those who imagine melted cheese on pizza, just that this will be on nachos. Later on, hubby said if I'm looking for nachos with pure melted cheese, that was American Mexican style. No wonder I can't find such variety because LA mexicana prefers to serve the real Mexican menu.

Japanese Kobe order:

👉Nagoya chicken wing rm16.90, deep fried honey sesame chicken wings with the glaze of sake, mirin, etc. Coated with sweet soya sauce. 

👉 gyuniku Teppenyaki rm51.90, the moment I tell my mom, kobe owner imports quality kobe beef from Japan, she ordered One small plate of Japanese beef teriyaki. Marinated beef with Japanese sauce, these beef in chunks and pan fry for a while to get the quality beef texture.

Also, they have Sunday open pool for Kids to jump to the pool for a swim, while you enjoy your margarita, Mexican tacos, or a simple Japanese beef or sashimi.

La Mexicana, and Kobe (2 different restaurants and cuisine)
Nihonkan, Jalan Ampang, Desa Pahlawan, 50450 Kuala Lumpur