Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Satay putera kajang - lean meat satay, art gallery and recycled art workshop

16 March 2018 - 

Everyone knows to get the real satay, you gonna come to kajang. Walking distance at kajang station mrt. 
Heard mom says it used to be an old shop handled by an old oku aunty, later on pass over to her relatives to continue this wonderful satay delight. 
Environment & venue concept - Aircond and normal outdoor, old school wooden table, low stools, wooden chairs, decorated with classic antiques and dimmed lights. Love the satu Malaysia art painting at the wall. Asked dato: "it's hard to feel this kinda culture painting of all races spend time together. Most art painting I saw nowadays are modernist western or probably just showing one religion or race." dato said:"which is why we hope to have such united spirit together, without emphasizing any race." Old water well and an aging trees grow by the wall. This is more to maintain its original piece without demolishing them. Elephant art near to well and tree. 
Walking up is art gallery showcasing not only Chinese, but even traditional wau using batik material, you can't find those even at central market (commercial)

Support local art scene. They also teach kids or adults to go green using recycled materials to do art, for eg: painting on used bottles. Making money? Don't think so. Saving environment using creative art, this is truly inspiring, plus we should educate our future generations the importance of it. 
Food: my first time trying non slimmery satays. Lean meat unlike others stays where you taste it like sweet or some see through fats,or is it fats we r eating? Or what we have been eating all the while? 
Clean grilled, carefully poke in satay like a cocktail snack. Chicken, beef, mutton. Otak otak spicy and flavourful, doesn't have the strong fishy smell.
However, their fishes and seafood satay are moderate, not so nice. Satay price range rm1-3
Fragrant peanut sauce with super ma la 麻辣 chilli sauces. 
Hailam noodles available too. 

Kotaro izakaya Japanese restaurant, jalan loke yew, pudu