Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tenhub Restoran, yulek - hot pepper soup

28 June 2017 - I was coming over for yulek food street near 711. Food list to buy will always be:
1)Fried oyster, given cute little qq oysters, at least very minimal muddy texture 
2)Porridge with fresh fish, pork or chicken 
3)Phoon kee sweet dessert 
4)Yulek Chee cheong fun
All are food stalls located near 7-11.

Passing by this hot pepper soup and gave a try since the price seems okay.

Their style of hot pepper soup will be a mix of chicken meat, pork meat, pork intestines.

Too much pepper in the soup, and with such a size of claypot, the ingredients are only 1.5 rice bowl portion, not in a good ratio as I drink the soup a lot, but less meats in the soup.

Just a taste of spicy to wake me up once a while. However, I still prefer hot pepper soup Hakka style at taman Midah, Cheras.

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