Thursday, July 20, 2017

Simple life organic food - average

20 July 2017 - I was passing by simple life shop and give a try on their organic food again. The last I remembered having my meal at here was 3 years ago. I was pregnant and I was eating fresh salad but end up getting stomach pain. (I found out that fresh greens might contain soils, where pregnant women was not recommended to have raw greens or raw meat) 

Ordered a simple bowl of different types of mushroom brown noodles soup. I remember that simple life serves bigger portion, which explains their price aside from the healthy meal concept. Well,  I guess ringgit is really shrinking, so does the portion. What to do? Can't blame them. 

No doubt, the aroma of fresh mushrooms Condensed in flavors as you boil the mushroom together with the fresh Chinese herbs as you can see that's how they boil the herbal soup.  Now, those who cook at home will know that boiling a herbal soup will need minimum 2 hours to get real Chinese herbal soup. (not those processed herbal soup powder). Hopefully, I am right on them as their soup was very tasty and nutritious.

Greens as usual, brocolli, carrots are the good fibre in this bowl. However, I was dissapointed when I eat its brown noodles. Look like Yee mee version, the thin brown noodles was tasteless and it tastes as if I am eating a curdled flour just in noodles shape. Gave a second chance to try again, with the tasty herbal soup, but still not a great feeling. If only the noodles are springy or at least smooth texture. No, not all brown grains carbo taste bad, but it has to be either the noodle supplier or the cook couldn't deliver as per say. 

Money for value? Something heavier than a normal snack, but if you are super hungry, this medium sized portion (1.5 size of small rice bowl)  might not be sufficient for you.

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