Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Say ciao to via pre Italian restaurant

6 July 2017 - we were just done with the immigration matters, and was thinking if Mr FM craving for Thailand or Italian food. Turn out he decides to try Italian food (and this decision was like huh? You are eating Italian food almost everyday)

Decide to drive to via pre. Basically via pre at Kl is an open area, casual dining, and well, don't expect air-conditioned or high class concept. This has explained they are aiming for casual dining and hence, decent price on menu.

The restaurant manager, and others staff were friendly and keep on chat with us and also check with us if everything is alright. Great greeting and the courtesy to keep attending to us, without us asking.

First was the turkey ham pizza. My expectation was least thinner crust, but the flour of making the pizza was thick, to be compared with domino's (sorry)
Pizza never goes wrong with tomato and cheese as base. Turkey ham was okay if you want to give a try.

Next, it is the potato dumpling Italian style, served with their eggplant paste.
I am sure I had the potato dumpling elsewhere, and the taste was bit disappointing. Probably it wasn't cooked longer to have the dumplings well blend into the sauce.

Eggplant paste was a new taste bud for me, mixing it with olive oil and celery. I guess I feel funny because of the celery. Nevertheless, staff says this is one of the Italians mini starter.

Good house wine, and oh yeah, I was asking for Tobasco. They don't have it but they offer me fresh blended chilli paste. It was like the tamer version of our local belacan, but a little taste of it just makes you fly up the sky. Go for it if you love chilli paste.

It seems the staff or the restaurant owner tries to introduce lots of real Italian food, but probably due to lack of import ingredients, or maybe chef has their own version doing less Authentic taste.

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