Tuesday, July 11, 2017

New wine restaurant bar, Cheras - cincin

7 July 2017 - A pleasant surprise to see new wine bar restaurant at Cheras, with the name CINCIN...enjoy food wine pairing upstairs, or else beer lover just enjoy happy hour downstairs.

Feel secure as there will be security guard surrounding Cincin.

the localized taste of the pasta, it is challenging to make a fusion appeal:

👉crispy bacon strips spaghetti, overcooked garlic gives a bitter taste but I love it.
👉Creamy butter salted egg yolk soft shell crabs cooked with spaghetti, fragrant, creamy, hot chilli padi but taste slightly sweet (probably coated sugar in the sauce)
👉Wine2u as the biz partner and wine Supplier, so you going to get good wines in the shelves. Tempranillo Merlot medium bodied wine (a little spice is nice)
👉Ductor Merlot from Italy is full body, longer lasting finishing at your throat.
However, the walk way is so dark as you come up, seems we are dining in the dark! As they were having promotion, and it was Friday, the place was crowded and very noisy (probably can't do much due to the music echo)

Food presentation is moderate in consideration. Price on menu is reasonable.

Psst, do let the chef do the cold cut and cheese cutting!  Also, I have doubts to have creamy/ heavy Aroma food to pair with red wine.  A educational wine tasting and food wine pairing are both equally important, to see wine business and the food lifestyle to be up to date.

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