Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Customised healthy footwear - Pusat Anggota Tiruan Central Sdn Bhd

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Profitness, wisma cke Cheras - all you need

22 June 2017-
You don't need a reason to join a gym, but health is always your wealth! Profitness at wisma cke has all the things you need - heavy weight lifting, gym machine, dance classes in studio, treadmill, protein bar area, shower area, key locker, etc.
Profitness offers attractive and flexible membership, be it walk in, monthly or yearly basis. I would say their price is reasonable...after all, what's your price to gain back a healthy life? No pain, no gain...lazy is not an excuse!

Taipei Walker - smelly tofu, Taiwan snacks

21 June 2017-
I miss Taiwan food here I am at Taipei menu for me (last visit was 2 years ago) and this time, I tried:
1) deep fried yam with salted yolk (a different taste appeal, I believe there is sticky rice cake in it)
2)Smelly tofu (my favorite at all time, my kids choked n cough when they smell the smelly tofu, I like that they use qq mini tofu)
3) Chinese ginseng herbs Taiwan mee sua (not bad, least the soup base is savoury, using golden brown Taiwan mee sua)
4) Oysters mee sua broth (unfortunately, shi lin serves this better)
www.jesonestop.blogspot com

Restoran kw, pandan indah - tasty pork noodles

21 June 2017-
You be surprised, Restoran kw 好地方美食中心 pandan indah, check out the pork noodles food stall operated by uncle aunty old couple..i love the taste and texture as they gave me the original childhood real pork noodles soup. Generous Fresh pork ingredients: lean pork meats, internal pork organs, all from icebox (not those processed meatballs with few pieces of vegetables finally)
Long boiled pork broth soup, and dry noodles with thick black sky sauce and deep fried onions garlic, and such a heavenly taste of the minced meat. OMG!

Suki jezz 1st family camping - ABC camping janda baik

25-26 June 2017-

Family camping list:
1. tent
2. sleeping bag
3. hammock n string
4. air bed
5. air pump
6. portable stove n refilled gas
7. picnic mat
8. yoga mat
9. ground sheet
10. inner tent ground mats
11. Fabric rug/mat to wipe feet
12. 5liters water container n pump
13. Food (tidbits, biscuits, packet milk, bread n steamboat food) 
14. cooking pot / pan / kettle
15. Foldable table n chairs set
16. paper plates, bowls, cups, laddle, forks , spoons, chopsticks, knife n cutting board
17. tissue box n toilet roll
18. portable fans
19. camping lights
20. small torch lights
21. Power bank n batteries
22. Rubber boots
23. Rain coats
24. Swim wear
25. Towel 
26. changing clothes
27. toy sand set (spade) n water gun
28. cooler bag / box n ice bags
29. mosquito coil, repellent, lotion n patch
30. matches / lighter
31. rubbish plastic bags
32. Toiletries (shampoo, soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, comb, sun block)
33. Hanger organizer
34. Potty
35. Dish washer
36. First aid kits
37. Cap
38. Bubbles
39. Storage box
40. Masking tape
41. Rope
Driving journey:
1 hour drive from kl
20 mins drive along the small kampong hill road from genting sempah r&r
Basically I own the record of:

😆1st time family camping
The only single parent bringing kids alone
😆The smallest tent at the compound 
😆Using second tent for unnecessary storage 
😆Know nothing about camping,setting up a tent, or have none of the survival skills 
😆Bringing beer for camping (husband says I must have been sober to think of only to bring beer to drink in the camping holiday) 
😆Didn't bring towel and don't even know where the heck I put the torch lights and knife (luckily, got samurai pitiful of me n offer me help) 
😆Couldn't sleep in the tent, end up sleep in the car (My kid was overjoyed playing in the cold river water for 3 hours, that he gets hungover - stomach wind or food indigestion, end up vomit in the tent twice)
😆totally seal up the waterproof tent and feel so stuffy (didn't know I need to zip down bit to allow fresh air) 
😆need to set up near the trees to set up flysheet..
😆I can burn fat under the cold river water. 

The sound of the natural surroundings, river water play, makes you completely comfortable staying away from the busy city.
ABC camping has all the things you need (just like your home,well, except washing machine and room with Aircond of course) suitable for family camping, kids having fun by the river and a swing.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Family day at Mytown shopping center - weaning tots, train ride

30 July 2017 - latest updates add ons
Molly fantasy launched with a mini playground (not much stuff or equipment) rm40 for two hours if not mistaken.

Adding in cool robot transformer where you can sit on it, play around with the robot machine. Rm15 for 5 mins. I would say it is suitable for 5 years old and above.

Went to parkson indoor playground - a clean castle area but nothing much to shout about.

17 July 2017 - another indoor train ride available at a bigger shopping centre - Mytown shopping centre. Rm5 per person, a cute train ticket and train station as waiting queue area.
It is like a short train tour at the second floor, where there are lots of fashion boutique store, one whole row of Japanese and Korean cuisine, mph bookshop, children toy shop and boutique. What I noticed is that mytown has some interesting big pictures, Ikea 3d innovation design and recycling items on the wall, kinda reminds me of publika (artistic shopping mall)

Few electronic animals car ride at only rm10, where they offer some simple toys play for free. 

Was told by another mom about weaning tots. Basically a family friendly cafe, given that your children will be spoilt for choices of: high big tunnel slides, flour play, books, simple toys, colorful balls area, a big blackboard for drawing, toys stacking, and some artcraft activities (I think only the art craft materials are for sale).

What's make weaning tots interesting that cafe is their priority, where they serve a little artistic and healthy food: pizza,pasta, sparkling juice, salad, western food and much more.
Normally we are already paying a minimum entrance fee for indoor playground, plus additional fees to eat only finger food/ snacks.
No extra charges to use their facilities, but a courtesy of buying food or drinks would be good. Food for kids are cheap, rm8-10, kids can even make their own pizza, adults get to eat comfort healthy food. Proper food being charged at rm15 and above.
Even if you don't have any kids, but if you are craving for simple healthy food, do come over here, if you enjoy seeing happy kids in the cafe.
It is bit inconvenient for kids to climb up to the slides, given that there was no stairs, but more to high solid build in steps to climb up to reach to the slides.
A minimum commitment of 15 pax x rm45-55 per pax to throw a party for the kids. They have proper kitchen and even cake baker to custom made birthday cake for the kids celebration. Save the hassle!

Special lunch buffet at moon palace, Cheras sentral Mall

17 July 2017- saw this promo after my brothers and mom went to pay a visit to have a dimsum brunch at moon palace, Cheras sentral. So what's more surprising is when they start to have this very special lunch buffet, consists of lots of signature seafood, cold sashimi, dim sum, and many more.

Deep fried mini lobster? My sister says this is big prawn category, but I think she is wrong. Flesh was mushy and soft. Taste was okay. 

Nice icing display, but with deep fried fish and squid placing in between those sashimi, prawns, salad...hmmm.... 
Oh ya, sashimi isn't fresh and kinda disappointing. The fresh medium sized prawns are still acceptable.

Brother says this is the highlight, Spanish iberico pork ribs. 

Mud crab eggs with steamed egg on top. Tasted muddy crab eggs instead.

Sweet sour French crabs.

Baked grilled scallops and oysters. I start to feel that I am taking a seafood fiesta instead.

Typical Chinese cuisine - BBQ pork, roasted siew yum,  roasted chicken. Taste average.

Seems like a platter special during those wedding occasion. Cold cut and appetizer servings. It stated lobsters meat. Overall, the taste in one spoon are always blend in well when you scoop the one spoon serving portion into your mouth.

Basic dimsum served, I would say their dimsum are decent and tasty. Believe chef made the dimsum in-house.

Heard that this hainan chicken steamed rice is their signature, especially when you have your wedding function, people always order glutinous or wrapped lotus leaf rice right? Order this instead. Soft chicken meat, however I tried their rice with its sauce just being too sweet.

Roasted Spanish spare ribs. Unfortunately, looks too dry, and I didn't try any. 

watercress fish soup served using mini pot with little candlelit at the bottom to keep the soup warm as you try. Quitea lot of herbs and ingredients, thumbs up for the soup. 

The deep fried snack, egg tarts, Sesame balls, etc.

Simple cakes and Hong Kong desserts, and agar agar. Not a fan, can't comment.

Others dishes are the typical meehoon, fried carrot cake, porridge, some stir-fry vegetables and sweet dessert soup. 

Current promos and special dish at moon palace. As you can see, we took the buffet offer, valid till 28 July 2017, every Friday and Saturday, 11am till 3pm. Adult price at rm48.80 ++, I would say u get to enjoy a proper staff hospitality services, no worries on setting yourself a budget concern, and you get to enjoy so much varieties of seafood, and Chinese cuisine. Do not waste food and take only what you manage to eat. 
Seafood not super fresh but not that bad either.  Can't argue much given that only rm48.80++ per pax to enjoy so much food.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My 2nd blog on thong kee pandan indah

This is my second blog about thong kee pandan indah... However, I couldn't taste the rich aroma taste of the 1+1 I used to have.

I saw they do the brew topping using a machine. Not that I argue about that, just that I thought they brew the foam by using traditional Teh tarik style. It was sweet this time round..when it is too sweet, you are. Tasting the condensed milk more than the aromatic coffee and its smooth taste.

Maybe the huge crowd make the 'Barista' off the record.

Aunty says she used charcoal bbq style to prepare all her bbq char siew, crispy roasted siew yuk, and her smooth soft coldcut kampong chicken...thumbs up for the chicken, but both sweet pork and roasted pork is bit dry and the texture not really super delicious as per say...hmmm.

The pan mee was delivered with a lot of ingredients: deep fried fu zhuk slices, minced meat, deep fried anchovies, dried chilli flakes. Looks dry, and the taste could have been killed off by the chilli flakes. A moderate taste and texture of handmade pan mee.