Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Suki jezz 1st family camping - ABC camping janda baik

25-26 June 2017-

Family camping list:
1. tent
2. sleeping bag
3. hammock n string
4. air bed
5. air pump
6. portable stove n refilled gas
7. picnic mat
8. yoga mat
9. ground sheet
10. inner tent ground mats
11. Fabric rug/mat to wipe feet
12. 5liters water container n pump
13. Food (tidbits, biscuits, packet milk, bread n steamboat food) 
14. cooking pot / pan / kettle
15. Foldable table n chairs set
16. paper plates, bowls, cups, laddle, forks , spoons, chopsticks, knife n cutting board
17. tissue box n toilet roll
18. portable fans
19. camping lights
20. small torch lights
21. Power bank n batteries
22. Rubber boots
23. Rain coats
24. Swim wear
25. Towel 
26. changing clothes
27. toy sand set (spade) n water gun
28. cooler bag / box n ice bags
29. mosquito coil, repellent, lotion n patch
30. matches / lighter
31. rubbish plastic bags
32. Toiletries (shampoo, soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, comb, sun block)
33. Hanger organizer
34. Potty
35. Dish washer
36. First aid kits
37. Cap
38. Bubbles
39. Storage box
40. Masking tape
41. Rope
Driving journey:
1 hour drive from kl
20 mins drive along the small kampong hill road from genting sempah r&r
Basically I own the record of:

😆1st time family camping
The only single parent bringing kids alone
😆The smallest tent at the compound 
😆Using second tent for unnecessary storage 
😆Know nothing about camping,setting up a tent, or have none of the survival skills 
😆Bringing beer for camping (husband says I must have been sober to think of only to bring beer to drink in the camping holiday) 
😆Didn't bring towel and don't even know where the heck I put the torch lights and knife (luckily, got samurai pitiful of me n offer me help) 
😆Couldn't sleep in the tent, end up sleep in the car (My kid was overjoyed playing in the cold river water for 3 hours, that he gets hungover - stomach wind or food indigestion, end up vomit in the tent twice)
😆totally seal up the waterproof tent and feel so stuffy (didn't know I need to zip down bit to allow fresh air) 
😆need to set up near the trees to set up flysheet..
😆I can burn fat under the cold river water. 

The sound of the natural surroundings, river water play, makes you completely comfortable staying away from the busy city.
ABC camping has all the things you need (just like your home,well, except washing machine and room with Aircond of course) suitable for family camping, kids having fun by the river and a swing.

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