Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My 2nd blog on thong kee pandan indah

This is my second blog about thong kee pandan indah... However, I couldn't taste the rich aroma taste of the 1+1 I used to have.

I saw they do the brew topping using a machine. Not that I argue about that, just that I thought they brew the foam by using traditional Teh tarik style. It was sweet this time round..when it is too sweet, you are. Tasting the condensed milk more than the aromatic coffee and its smooth taste.

Maybe the huge crowd make the 'Barista' off the record.

Aunty says she used charcoal bbq style to prepare all her bbq char siew, crispy roasted siew yuk, and her smooth soft coldcut kampong chicken...thumbs up for the chicken, but both sweet pork and roasted pork is bit dry and the texture not really super delicious as per say...hmmm.

The pan mee was delivered with a lot of ingredients: deep fried fu zhuk slices, minced meat, deep fried anchovies, dried chilli flakes. Looks dry, and the taste could have been killed off by the chilli flakes. A moderate taste and texture of handmade pan mee. 

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