Sunday, June 18, 2017

Special lunch buffet at moon palace, Cheras sentral Mall

17 July 2017- saw this promo after my brothers and mom went to pay a visit to have a dimsum brunch at moon palace, Cheras sentral. So what's more surprising is when they start to have this very special lunch buffet, consists of lots of signature seafood, cold sashimi, dim sum, and many more.

Deep fried mini lobster? My sister says this is big prawn category, but I think she is wrong. Flesh was mushy and soft. Taste was okay. 

Nice icing display, but with deep fried fish and squid placing in between those sashimi, prawns, salad...hmmm.... 
Oh ya, sashimi isn't fresh and kinda disappointing. The fresh medium sized prawns are still acceptable.

Brother says this is the highlight, Spanish iberico pork ribs. 

Mud crab eggs with steamed egg on top. Tasted muddy crab eggs instead.

Sweet sour French crabs.

Baked grilled scallops and oysters. I start to feel that I am taking a seafood fiesta instead.

Typical Chinese cuisine - BBQ pork, roasted siew yum,  roasted chicken. Taste average.

Seems like a platter special during those wedding occasion. Cold cut and appetizer servings. It stated lobsters meat. Overall, the taste in one spoon are always blend in well when you scoop the one spoon serving portion into your mouth.

Basic dimsum served, I would say their dimsum are decent and tasty. Believe chef made the dimsum in-house.

Heard that this hainan chicken steamed rice is their signature, especially when you have your wedding function, people always order glutinous or wrapped lotus leaf rice right? Order this instead. Soft chicken meat, however I tried their rice with its sauce just being too sweet.

Roasted Spanish spare ribs. Unfortunately, looks too dry, and I didn't try any. 

watercress fish soup served using mini pot with little candlelit at the bottom to keep the soup warm as you try. Quitea lot of herbs and ingredients, thumbs up for the soup. 

The deep fried snack, egg tarts, Sesame balls, etc.

Simple cakes and Hong Kong desserts, and agar agar. Not a fan, can't comment.

Others dishes are the typical meehoon, fried carrot cake, porridge, some stir-fry vegetables and sweet dessert soup. 

Current promos and special dish at moon palace. As you can see, we took the buffet offer, valid till 28 July 2017, every Friday and Saturday, 11am till 3pm. Adult price at rm48.80 ++, I would say u get to enjoy a proper staff hospitality services, no worries on setting yourself a budget concern, and you get to enjoy so much varieties of seafood, and Chinese cuisine. Do not waste food and take only what you manage to eat. 
Seafood not super fresh but not that bad either.  Can't argue much given that only rm48.80++ per pax to enjoy so much food.

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