Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Wonton and pho - wonton noodles and Vietnam food

25 Dec 2017 - Wonton and pho revamp their new menu since October, focusing promoting 80% of signature menu. Meaning to say besides trying to tell you they want to let you try real Vietnam taste, their wonton noodles are springy, no preservatives smell, delicious and healthy. I saw bean sprouts and then one big bowl of Vietnam noodles cold salad with simple sweet chilli sauce, suddenly was like: "aiyo, why it looks like healthy food?" similar to hakka lei cha or Thailand glass noodles salad. But, OK once a while eat clean also good for health. Then, I aim for fresh wonton with real bites and their burst pork ball. Tendon pork meat, and you get to bite real fillings from the mini wonton. I have yet to order their top selling keoy teow beef noodles soup and banh mi, freshly baked Vietnam sandwich! Actually, the real Vietnam food serve pork, but the local restaurants have to change the recipe in Malaysia as we are multi racial country. You can try to explore if you love authentic Vietnam pork dish and wonton noodles.

Friday, December 22, 2017

New chapter by the owl cafe - Enriched cafe latte and drinks

22 Dec 2017 - Behold the new chapter by the owl cafe, located at the huge Calvary convention center at Bukit jalil area. Very neat ID indeed, whole rack display selling lots of owl pots, indoor plants, and owls icon. 

Long cafeteria and simple cake display section, ranging lots of high stools, normal dining tables and chairs. Again natural wood match with white furniture designs, bright lights across the high tables. 

I can sense that the owner is either proud of the owl icons, or very into the owl collections.

As much as the big crowd coming on the weekdays, the most talk about waffles, fusion pasta and rissoto wasn't my taste (not authentic yet nothing much to express a wow factor). 

The reindeer version, so the kitchen wants to do some festive food concept in conjunction with Xmas. This waffle is very interesting, for example, we get to taste the mochi in between the waffles, followed by a simple topping of strawberries and blueberries and greenish whipping cream. 
You can say the kitchen is trying to explore different menu but I feel a little weird on the combination. Maybe it's me, prefer the goodl old classic waffle, like A&W waffle is good enough for me. The waffle turns out soft combined alongwith the mochi.Whipped cream was warm, so those all the berries...too warm to be served. Now, I understand that of course it is warm, we need to serve hot for the waffles! But then again, the serving temperature for the fruits and the cream were warmer than the usual room temperature. T

This pasta was Thai basil leave version. When probe on the 'spicy' part, it is just adding on chilli flakes. Hmm, wasn't expect a Thai version of pasta, is just adding on chilli flakes? Was a disappointment, as it tastes like a normal chinese kon lou pasta...the black dry sauce local noodles.

My family was keep saying it is nice it is nice. Sighed, couldn't taste the same like the Italian rissoto.

BUT, their rose latte, matcha latte, and passion honey lemon are boom! Enriched aromatic flavour drinks, most important they use real ingredients (not processed powder foam) for drinks.

Overall, I would say their drinks are real quality. Waffle? Maybe we ordered the wrong one. The food, hmmm...

Add: Calvary Convention Centre, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1, Taman Teknologi Malaysia, 57100 Bukit Jalil, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-8999 1615

Friendscino set lunch (VivaHome)

20 Dec 2017 - Was coming over to support this western restaurant and bar at Vivahome.
With only me as the 2nd table, I have to wait for 30 minutes to get my set lunch. Probably not ideal for a quick rush lunch hour.

This set lunch priced up to RM30 including all those service tax and GST. IT is also the first time I eat salmon pasta in a deep but small bowl. However, the portion given was good for 1 pax, as in don't judge by the bowl, you get the fullness upon finishing pasta, as well as other side dishes.

The grilled salmon pasta was alright for me. Creamy salmon pasta was a savoury dish of the day, for local favourites.

Won't say this is so bad, but in compare with other local food, it could be maybe a challenge for the F&B preference. However, most people come here for happy hours, and drink till late night.

Ban mee by mother porridge

21 Dec 2017 - Came here to have a quick lunch. Mother porridge is famous for porridge of course, so does their price! Not sure if people really come here for a good expensive porridge, costs at least RM10 and above.

Recommended by Veggee after our social media brainstorming on the local Malaysian homemade business ecosystem concept.She recommends me to try their pan mee.

I would say their ban mee flour texture was okay, smooth and fair (/like baby face texture) LOL.

But there is no anchovies broth or long hours cooking method done in the soup. Too much pepper and I believe, either salt and ajinamoto. A real pan mee, you need to have a real anchovies broth to make it happens.

If ban mee, my top preferred choice will the Taman Midah food street by far. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Bello, Italian pizza and pasta at pavilion

17 Dec 2017 - And hereby presenting you bello - the Italian cuisine specialize in wood-fired oven pizza and pasta. Can you imagine the traditional wood fire pizza where you gonna burn rubber wood 12 hours a day to keep the fire burning at high heat, changing the chemistry of dough, if you were thinking the difference of wood fire and electric oven. Nevertheless, authentic Italian pizza is always crispy outside, fluffy inside, thin slices, and give you real Italian toppings. I think we almost conquer the whole menu, this is Italian family long table, celebrating Xmas and boy's birthday. Spaghetti and fettuccine are very delicious, Handmade pappardelle, ravioli were very memorable, bring you back to real Italian food, and of course all qc done by the real Italian born chef. Was excited to see tiramisu (espresso or kahlua) and the 70% chocolate volcano valrhona, so full yet we crave for the Italian desserts! Pork free FYI. 
Price wise is so affordable, 10 pax ordering (we order too much anyway) piles up to rm500 😱


Coffeezone - freshly brewed coffee beans

13 Dec 2017 - A very big congrats to coffeezone with its new shop outlet at level 4, tbs Sungai besi, opposite subway...request the founder to make us special matcha latte and iced coffee. Sneak peak to see how it's done. Also they made artisan coffee so affordable like rm10 per cup, using imported American beans, brewed straight for you upon request. Also serving you simple cookies, nasi lemak, etc. What I like the most Is they are not sweet, and adjust the coffee recipe accordingly. (even the Starbucks and cbtl coffees are sweet or it tastes like dark roasted bean = feel too 'heaty')
Label ur coffee with cute names, with the 70s curly hair girl icon... You rock your own coffee in an enjoyable way.  Oh yeah, they also supply coffee drinks for event catering, and having mobile booth at some of the local universities. Check out @coffeezone.my at facebook and instagram. 😎

Sukiya, Japanese fast food chain (sunway velocity)

14 Dec 2017 - Pass by sukiya shop at Sunway velocity. A similar concept of fast food Japanese version set up, bright lights, simple white n wooden furnitures. Serving you quick and normal portion of Tokyo noodles, rice bowl and Japanese curry (which it isn't hot curry like those in Malaysia). Priced at rm10 n above for ala carte. Kids eat for free with small portion of their ala carte, but then adding on side serving - french fries seem a bit weird as a combination. Gives you real chicken cuts, but the soup is very oily, I'm not sure on quality seeing the oily soup, You pay for what it's, I supposed. Halal BTW.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Lobster nasi lemak at grandmama's

10 Dec 2017 - So sinful to finish this whole milk creamy curry ε₯Άζ²Ήε’–ε–± 500g baked lobster (half of a lobster, real stuff) comes with the classic nasi lemak. Much to the trend of lobster meat at Singapore or sky avenue..some might wondering how does it taste like to enjoy the premium lobster seafood together with classic coconut rice, served with sambal, fried paku vegetables, and the normal nasi lemak side servings. Ps: the peanuts is at the extra huge size than the normal peanuts, don't ask me why!
Very flavorful, also my first time finishing so much rice, despite I'm not a rice fan. In the beginning, seems dilemma as don't know which dish on the plate for me to start with, end up all mixed up and rojak, lol. The last spoon was so full till I didn't eat anything till supper time. Catch the lobster Nazi leak till end Dec 2017. If response is good, they might extend till end Jan 2018. Priced at rm89-98+ available at all outlets. Meh~~
Grandmama is always assure big plate serving, savoury local cuisine.

Dinosaurs alive at Malaysia tourism Centre

10 Dec 2017 - Yes, I'm as scary as the dinosaur...dinosaurs alive traveling across Asia like an exhibition tour, located next to Malaysia tourism Centre at jalan Ampang, started since July 2017,ending soon in Jan 2018.
40 animatronic life- sized dinosaurs...moving and it will roar with their real sounds. My kid scared the shit out of his pants, screaming as we pass by all the jaws of the big lizard era. So, if you're a fan of dinosaurs, then rm50-75 adult entry fee is all worth it. There are the normal 3 airfloat playground, a simple movie theater of dinosaurs documentary film, the normal dinosaur gift souvenir, a fossil egg knocking for the kids (extra charge). Or else, you end up like me, hugging a 20kg frightening kid for 1 hour, instead of studying or learning the dinosaurs facts. Boy oh boy, whole body ache.

Beautiful Christmas decorations 2017 at pavilion kl

10 Dec 2017 - Such a busy hustle and bustle shopping centre, and most importantly they know, with a beautiful and spectacular festive venue set up, the traffic is at its top peak, traffic jam and full parking over the weekend, couldn't even find grabcar of taxi willing to go into pavilion. But then, lots of sparkling jingling hot air balloons, snow White deer, Santa, dwarfs, Merry go round rides, LINE mascots, much more than a festive memory. Yet pavilion brings the Xmas to you. You will probably spend 1 hour just for photo snapping and on ground activities.

I catch up with three little pigs and a big bad wolf - delicious comfort food, kids play area

3 Dec 2017 - Excuse for this imperfect food photos, as we were so hungry for a late lunch without eating anything for breakfast. Comfort food with much choices, price range of the average cafe price. Back then 2011, I thought it was pricey, but as for now, maybe everyone was numb as these are the standard price everywhere, for example a good big breakfast costs rm25, same goes with pasta etc. They don't serve the normal French fries, but the waffle fries. Portion is okay, not too big, not too small. For Eg, 2 pieces of average lamb steak served per plate order.
Buy 1 free1 for all coffee, happy hour beer at rm8.

Surprisingly, I really love their kids-play area, where quite a lot of nice books, toys and pretty much , your kids gonna be occupied. Oh yeah, just 2-3 tables nearby to the kids area, so better book your table!