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Hot Spicy chillies in Restaurant De Hunan, Kuchai

6 Sept 2015 - My sister, Jac recommended this particular Hu Nan China Restaurant for our family dinner. As we are kinda sick of food in Cheras area, we headed over to De HuNan in Kuchai for a try.

The surrounding was decorated with red hot chilli peppers like the band. This means you gonna get to eat nothing more, but only chillies.

In the menu, they allow you to choose least and the most chillies, from less spicy to super spicy. We ordered the least spicy because we don't know how spicy their hottest chilli can go.

We ordered this Baked Pumpkin With Salted Egg Yoke, but it was just normal.

This is their Steamed Fresh Concubine Fish slices, priced at almost RM 60 if I am not mistaken. It was very very nice, and real fresh fish. However, with the similar price, I rather order Hot and Spicy Steamed Fish Head in Hunan Specialty Style.

Claypot Chicken With Chinese “Hua Diao” Wine, nothing fancy, my mother can cook better than them.

It looks like they like satay as we do, having this satay lamb, chicken, and beef style. This is super hot too.

Ah ha, steamed rice in wooden bowl, nice and fragrant.

You might be surprised, this sauteed cabbage with dried chilli was nice and crunchy.

Broth soup aka sharkfin soup imitation. Just a broth soup.

fried golden fresh milk - This one tasted like a fried bun with custard fillings, to be dip in with butter sauce. However, I don't really think it is super nice.

I see, turned out the Fahrenheit branch is the same shop owner, just that the price is slightly higher due to the rental in the shopping centre.

6 adults, spending a total RM 300 on the bill. I would say it is quite expensive, plus it is not even suitable to bring children unless they are really peri-peri hot favourite children. But, once in a while, if you just crave for hot spicy food, you can just give a try, at least I told my husband that you do not need to go to China to taste China food, especially when we go to Shanghai just to look for the Hu Nan restaurant. However, I do not know why China food in Malaysia is so expensive. Most of their ingredients can be obtained in Malaysia, I assume.

Go for their steamed fish head and stewed cabbage with dried chillies, worth to try.

Restaurant De Hunan
Address: 2, Jalan Kuchai Maju 6, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur, 58200, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, 58200, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-7987 9318

Chinese myths about pregnancy and baby

At here, I am gonna gather some of the Chinese myths and religious beliefs that we have when we are pregnant, and even some for babies!

When I was pregnant:

  1. Do not tell anyone that you are pregnant for the first 3 months, we believe the baby pregnancy isn't stable at that point of time. (but do inform only your immediate family, and your colleagues, in case they ask to shift heavy stuff or ask you to run for the train!) My husband said it is so tough to hide the secret for 3 months, haha! We were attending events, and many people were asking me why am I not drinking any coffee or alcohol, husband has to tell them that I am being a good girl trying to quit all the caffeine and alcohol, lol!
  2. Do not shift, move house, move your bed or renovate house. If you have no choice, choose be away from the house, let your husband in charge of taking care of the house, and inform your baby that sorry that it is noisy.
  3. I am not to attend any auspicious occasion, such as wedding, birthday, full moon baby party. We believe it is a clash of both 'auspicious' occasions, and we are discouraged to attend events.
  4. Cannot attend funerals also. Of course, as it is a 'sad' function.
  5. Pregnancy mom are not allowed to sew or cut anything on the bed. (So, I sew on the sofa, haha)
  6. Do not watch horror movie, or else your baby will be scared off. (For a horror-fan like me, but for the sake of the baby, I have to stop watching horror movie for 40 weeks, cry....)
  7. Do not eat cool things like cabbage, watermelon, herbal drinks , as it may cause miscarriage/ lots of discharge, and your baby will feel 'cold' too.
  8. Do not eat 'crab' or other shellfish. It can cause toxin/ sensitive skin. But I did not know about this, and I eat until my gf scolded me in the facebook, stating that I am not supposed to eat it. My baby has mild eczema during the first 2 months when he was born. Well, this one i am not sure if that is the cause.
For baby:

  1. If your baby get jaundice when they were born, expose baby to sunlight (but not too long as it will cause sunburnt) and bathe the baby with Guinness Stout plus warm water. This can reduce jaundice.
  2. If your baby is having hiccup, you can either feed him/ her some milk, breastfeed her, or simply...just put a wet white tissue on baby's forehead, and the hiccup will stop!
  3. Don't allow baby to play the keys if you want him/her to learn to speak.

Do you have others 'pantang' or myths as well? Share in the comment box as well!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Baby Family Summer holiday 2015 near Mogliano Veneto, Italy

17 - 28 Sept 2015 - Baby Giacomo has grown up and ready to rumble on our travel journey again. This time, we head back to Italy hometown - Mogliano Veneto.

It was the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. On our previous winter trip, both of us, I and my baby were so sick as we are not used to the cold winter weather.

Later I will blog about some quick check-list on what to prepare if you are to bring your baby for long flight and holidays.

I was so sick due to food poisoning (some food in the Malaysia airport or maybe some curry noodles I have eaten before departure to airport) , and plus jetlag, I was totally flat and dozed off to sleep the first day upon arrival in Italy.

My husband caught me by surprise. He took good care of my baby, bathe him, feed him, and dress him up to sleep. Despite he has very minimum time with the baby, I am surprised he still remember the routine of taking care of the baby. Well, luckily, I taught him the 'papa training with baby' session.

This time round, I like to take panorama view for any scenic or landscape area.

Arrive at casa (home):

countryside life - turkeys, green apples on the tree, and backyard garden.

Baby just learnt to walk, and he can stand alone without help. He ended up running around in the garden.

My baby 'kaput', meaning totally flat or maybe still jetlag as we went to the fish market.

So far, out of so many cafes, I like the tramezzino (sandwich) in bar caffe in Galleria.

Guess how long the pizza is? 1 meter long!

We ordered a total of 2.5 meter long of pizza....seriously crazy!

Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 27 Sept in Year 2015. I brought back some mooncakes and lanterns for the Italians to have fun.

this time round, we did quite a lot of activities despite it is a 10-days short holiday.Here are some fun activities that are either free, or enjoy it at a low cost:

Fishing, charging 10 euro per fish rod in the morning session (8am - 11:30am) on Saturday.

Address: Via Santi, 59, 31030 Dosson, Casier TV

Phone:338 646 4212

Both Michieletto brothers start the fishing game...

We just hang out and ended up fell asleep while waiting for them to finish their fishing session.

And the record was....jeng jeng jeng...The Michieletto brothers fishermen gang caught 35 trouts inweigh up to 10kg in 3 hours...super proud! Secret strategy, hahaha!

Next, we took a train and went to Treviso, city in Venice, North Italy. It takes only 10-15 minutes from Moglliano Veneto station.

Beautiful square- Piazza Duomo

Il Mosaico Paleocristiano - mosaic architechture remainings.

It seems that I saw all comic character on every boutique front glass door. The Comic Book Festival is coming to Treviso. Oh, if you ike shopping, there is a lot of fashion boutique shop in Treviso.

Treviso is the city in the river, the creator of Tiramisu and original production of Prosecco, interesting!

Loving this appetizing crostini, fresh salmon on top, followed by bits of onions, tomatoes and vegetables from Muscoli's bar.

The old waterwheels as you are walking to the lake.

I got myself 2 nice postcards from Treviso:

Next, Jesolo Beach! no train, only bus to reach Jesolo.

Baby has no fear of the sea water at all, scary...remember to apply baby sunblock on baby and probably take a break after 15 minutes of activities.

Alright, that's it! This is how we spend our summer family holiday in Italy, what about you?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Quick tips when you travel with your baby for holiday trip

This article has been featured in Jan 2016 issue

check out page 33-35 for my article at :

We only bring stroller, and stuff all baby things into a backpack. No need to buy any fancy backpack, or those who sold in baby shop, just a normal big backpack will do.

Here are some quick tips if you are preparing a checklist on what to bring if you are bringing your baby for a long flight or long holiday.

1) Basic milk bottle stuff: hot flask, water bottle probably around 750ml, milk bottle, formula milk powder. If you direct breastfeed yoour baby, of course you won't have to worry about all this. However, I always still prepare the milk bottles and necessary things just in case anything happpen.

2) Bottles Liquid cleanser and sterilization tablet - you might be wondering how will you sterilize your baby bottles and pacifier as you travel. I bought this sterilization tablet from pigeon brand.

It is written not to soak the bottles in metallic container. However, I think purposely bringing  a big container is not convenient. I end up buying those sealable zipper bags that is strong against water leaking and soak the baby bottles and pacifiers in the bag. Try not to use back the same bag or the water after 24 hours. For me, I wash and sterilize the bottles only once a day.

3)  Travel stroller - Last time, I tried to take the 'kangaroo' baby carrier and ended up having back pain like an old woman, especially when you are plan to travel, you will have to walk a lot while sightseeing. It would be good if you can consider to buy a light, portable, quick foldable travel stroller, similar to those strollers in the airport.

how light is light? anything less than 6kg should be fine. No need to buy fancy or multicompartment, you just need the baby to be on wheels, while you are hands-free, and minus off the heavy weight, imagine baby need to sleep all the way on your shoulder....However, some of the airlines do not allow us to hand-carry the stroller, as the airport provide their own stroller, they will help you to direct transfer the stroller to your destination.

However, try not to take the stroller to the beach. Hard to walk your stroller through the sand, and your stroller will be full of sand! Read more at here:

4)  Baby food - if your baby is ready for solid food especially when he/ she is 6 months old and above, you can buy more those ready-made puree like Heinz, and some baby biscuits snacks. I have experiences where some airlines prepare baby food for you while some didn't prepare anything at all.

5) Baby clothes, lotions/baby oil, baby bath products, pampers, wet tissue - For clothes, always bring something light and also something warm. Try to buy travel sizes. If it is not available in travel sizes, try to search for small bottles and fill up the liquid relate items, such as baby shampoo, baby bath, lotion, etc. If it is winter time, probably you need to bring lots of winter clothes for baby. My baby face was very dry during autumn and winter time, and I apply baby oil on his face and body, I apply some on my body as well!

6) Baby sunblock and mosquito repellent sticker - i bought a baby sunblock, as we will be enjoying the seaside in our trip. Try to get one! mosquito repellent sticker is good to standby as well.

7) Upon landing and take-off in the plane - Make baby suck on your breast, drink water, or simply just swallow some liquid drinks to allow him to swallow his saliva, and in order to reduce the ear pressure that caused by the air pressure in the flight.

8) Try to get the front row seat in the airplane - so that you got bigger space and if you need airplane baby bassinet so that baby can sleep in the airplane. If you are unable to get the front row seat during your booking, try to reach earlier to the airport and try your luck and see if the airlines staff can help you to switch the seats for you.

9) Supplements that calm/ soothe baby to sleep if he/she is jetlag - We found a baby liquid product in Italy pharmacy that can help baby to calm / soothe him/her to sleep after jetlag. Last time, my baby cried uncontrollably for few days after we come back to Malaysia. This time, we buy this chamomile baby liquid products to calm him to sleep, you can ask for it in the pharmacy, but if the pharmacy does not sell such stuff, probably you can calm your baby by letting him drink some chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is decaffeinated tea, so not to worry; and just let baby get warm bath, and simply sleep in cool dark room, to make sure baby get enough rest, adjusting to the timing when he/she is back from holiday.

10) Buy ibuprofen or paracetamol in case baby is sick - In case your baby is sick with mild flu, cough, or fever, try to buy the ibuprofen or paracetamol and prescribe the baby the right amount of medicine. However, if your baby did not recovered or there's no improvement on his condition within 1 day treatment, please seek doctor advice immediately.

11) If your baby normal routine injection is near to your travel dates, my paed doctor advised us better wait till baby is back from holiday, settle down, minus off the jetlag, only then try to go for the injection.

so this is the basic checklist for baby when traveling. If you want a full checklist:

Have a fun family trip!

Suki Jezz holiday trip to Heritage Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia – Day 2

1 June 2015 - great food trip and temple visiting on day one. Today, we meet another friend of mine, Mr Zion Ho. Mr Zion enjoys cycling, and he is doing lots of businesses, mostly into digital website, advertising, and branding.

I told him my husband likes to buy old vintage things, and so, he brings us to this indoor market place in UTC building, used to called Superkinta. However, we didn't manage to buy any, as most of them are selling second hand items.

Soon after, Zion brough us to Kedai Kopi Ah Chow to enjoy the roasted pork siew yuk and roasted chicken. and dry curry noodle.

Address: 31, Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Phone:+60 19-556 5118

The gravy curry noodles were excellent indeed. Basically, most local coffee in the shops is simply being brewed, rich in coffee, creamy and nice to drink.

Next, we went to their open flea morning market in Bandar Raya Ipoh. Zion has to rush for his cycling, so we continued to take a walk in the market. I googled and turned out the vintage antique market has a name! it is called Memory Lane Ipoh, it really bring back lots of memories.

Ipoh Memory Lane opens every Sunday morning till noon.

We end up buying a keris or a nice long machete, priced at RM 150-200. I cannot recall if he was the seller that sell us the keris, but I am very sure I took his namecard, just because he is selling very interesting antiques, and he has quite huge antique collections.

Haizul +6012-5589831 (not sure how update his blog is)

And then, we stop by to see Ipoh pomelo girls...but.....not many pretty young girls selling pomelo...

 And then, we visited another 2 temples.

First temple is Guan Yin temple. There are lots more activities and programs in this temple.
Address: Lot 21606, Batu 4 1/2, Jalan Gopeng, 31350 Ipoh, Perak, 1, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

But what I don't like about the temple is at the outside of the temple, we have all these leftover abandoned fun fair booths and furniture, some even look creepy for me.

How to get blessing when it doesnt look peaceful and quiet within the temple area?

And as far as I know, those abandoned fun fair equiptments have been there ever since then, and for so long, no one seems to care to take it away or at least shifted to somewhere else.

Next to Guan Yin Temple is Da Seng Ngan Temple, an interesting temple that was existing since 100 years ago.

There was a news stating that there were some Century-old artefacts have been uncovered during digging works at the 100-year-old Da Seng Ngan Temple.

Alright, time to leave Ipoh. While we were on the way heading back to KL, I remembered I went for a shop serving duck herbal soup in Bidor, Perak. It was a Cameron Highland trip with my Klang friends. So, I went to google and found the shop - Pun Chun Restaurant. 38-40, Jalan Besar, 35500 Bidor, Perak, Malaysia
Phone:+60 5-434 1554

I super love their cripsy deep fried yam with sweet pork fillings. 2 of us ended up order another 6 more, and I packed some for my family.

Although they strongly recommend their wantan noodle, I cannot remember it gives me a good feeling how special the noodle was. And the portion was quite little for one person serving.

But this one is really good, their famous duck soup noodles, charging at RM 7-8. I believe they really double boiled the herbal soup, making the duck meat so soft till you can even sucking the bone to get the most taste out of it.

Handmade dumpling, soft dumpling skin with the right portion of fillings, just nice.

Till the day we come and visit you again, Ipoh...