Saturday, September 26, 2015

Baby Family Summer holiday 2015 near Mogliano Veneto, Italy

17 - 28 Sept 2015 - Baby Giacomo has grown up and ready to rumble on our travel journey again. This time, we head back to Italy hometown - Mogliano Veneto.

It was the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. On our previous winter trip, both of us, I and my baby were so sick as we are not used to the cold winter weather.

Later I will blog about some quick check-list on what to prepare if you are to bring your baby for long flight and holidays.

I was so sick due to food poisoning (some food in the Malaysia airport or maybe some curry noodles I have eaten before departure to airport) , and plus jetlag, I was totally flat and dozed off to sleep the first day upon arrival in Italy.

My husband caught me by surprise. He took good care of my baby, bathe him, feed him, and dress him up to sleep. Despite he has very minimum time with the baby, I am surprised he still remember the routine of taking care of the baby. Well, luckily, I taught him the 'papa training with baby' session.

This time round, I like to take panorama view for any scenic or landscape area.

Arrive at casa (home):

countryside life - turkeys, green apples on the tree, and backyard garden.

Baby just learnt to walk, and he can stand alone without help. He ended up running around in the garden.

My baby 'kaput', meaning totally flat or maybe still jetlag as we went to the fish market.

So far, out of so many cafes, I like the tramezzino (sandwich) in bar caffe in Galleria.

Guess how long the pizza is? 1 meter long!

We ordered a total of 2.5 meter long of pizza....seriously crazy!

Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 27 Sept in Year 2015. I brought back some mooncakes and lanterns for the Italians to have fun.

this time round, we did quite a lot of activities despite it is a 10-days short holiday.Here are some fun activities that are either free, or enjoy it at a low cost:

Fishing, charging 10 euro per fish rod in the morning session (8am - 11:30am) on Saturday.

Address: Via Santi, 59, 31030 Dosson, Casier TV

Phone:338 646 4212

Both Michieletto brothers start the fishing game...

We just hang out and ended up fell asleep while waiting for them to finish their fishing session.

And the record was....jeng jeng jeng...The Michieletto brothers fishermen gang caught 35 trouts inweigh up to 10kg in 3 hours...super proud! Secret strategy, hahaha!

Next, we took a train and went to Treviso, city in Venice, North Italy. It takes only 10-15 minutes from Moglliano Veneto station.

Beautiful square- Piazza Duomo

Il Mosaico Paleocristiano - mosaic architechture remainings.

It seems that I saw all comic character on every boutique front glass door. The Comic Book Festival is coming to Treviso. Oh, if you ike shopping, there is a lot of fashion boutique shop in Treviso.

Treviso is the city in the river, the creator of Tiramisu and original production of Prosecco, interesting!

Loving this appetizing crostini, fresh salmon on top, followed by bits of onions, tomatoes and vegetables from Muscoli's bar.

The old waterwheels as you are walking to the lake.

I got myself 2 nice postcards from Treviso:

Next, Jesolo Beach! no train, only bus to reach Jesolo.

Baby has no fear of the sea water at all, scary...remember to apply baby sunblock on baby and probably take a break after 15 minutes of activities.

Alright, that's it! This is how we spend our summer family holiday in Italy, what about you?

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