Sunday, September 27, 2015

Chinese myths about pregnancy and baby

At here, I am gonna gather some of the Chinese myths and religious beliefs that we have when we are pregnant, and even some for babies!

When I was pregnant:

  1. Do not tell anyone that you are pregnant for the first 3 months, we believe the baby pregnancy isn't stable at that point of time. (but do inform only your immediate family, and your colleagues, in case they ask to shift heavy stuff or ask you to run for the train!) My husband said it is so tough to hide the secret for 3 months, haha! We were attending events, and many people were asking me why am I not drinking any coffee or alcohol, husband has to tell them that I am being a good girl trying to quit all the caffeine and alcohol, lol!
  2. Do not shift, move house, move your bed or renovate house. If you have no choice, choose be away from the house, let your husband in charge of taking care of the house, and inform your baby that sorry that it is noisy.
  3. I am not to attend any auspicious occasion, such as wedding, birthday, full moon baby party. We believe it is a clash of both 'auspicious' occasions, and we are discouraged to attend events.
  4. Cannot attend funerals also. Of course, as it is a 'sad' function.
  5. Pregnancy mom are not allowed to sew or cut anything on the bed. (So, I sew on the sofa, haha)
  6. Do not watch horror movie, or else your baby will be scared off. (For a horror-fan like me, but for the sake of the baby, I have to stop watching horror movie for 40 weeks, cry....)
  7. Do not eat cool things like cabbage, watermelon, herbal drinks , as it may cause miscarriage/ lots of discharge, and your baby will feel 'cold' too.
  8. Do not eat 'crab' or other shellfish. It can cause toxin/ sensitive skin. But I did not know about this, and I eat until my gf scolded me in the facebook, stating that I am not supposed to eat it. My baby has mild eczema during the first 2 months when he was born. Well, this one i am not sure if that is the cause.
For baby:

  1. If your baby get jaundice when they were born, expose baby to sunlight (but not too long as it will cause sunburnt) and bathe the baby with Guinness Stout plus warm water. This can reduce jaundice.
  2. If your baby is having hiccup, you can either feed him/ her some milk, breastfeed her, or simply...just put a wet white tissue on baby's forehead, and the hiccup will stop!
  3. Don't allow baby to play the keys if you want him/her to learn to speak.

Do you have others 'pantang' or myths as well? Share in the comment box as well!

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