Friday, September 25, 2015

Suki Jezz holiday trip to Heritage Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia – Day 2

1 June 2015 - great food trip and temple visiting on day one. Today, we meet another friend of mine, Mr Zion Ho. Mr Zion enjoys cycling, and he is doing lots of businesses, mostly into digital website, advertising, and branding.

I told him my husband likes to buy old vintage things, and so, he brings us to this indoor market place in UTC building, used to called Superkinta. However, we didn't manage to buy any, as most of them are selling second hand items.

Soon after, Zion brough us to Kedai Kopi Ah Chow to enjoy the roasted pork siew yuk and roasted chicken. and dry curry noodle.

Address: 31, Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Phone:+60 19-556 5118

The gravy curry noodles were excellent indeed. Basically, most local coffee in the shops is simply being brewed, rich in coffee, creamy and nice to drink.

Next, we went to their open flea morning market in Bandar Raya Ipoh. Zion has to rush for his cycling, so we continued to take a walk in the market. I googled and turned out the vintage antique market has a name! it is called Memory Lane Ipoh, it really bring back lots of memories.

Ipoh Memory Lane opens every Sunday morning till noon.

We end up buying a keris or a nice long machete, priced at RM 150-200. I cannot recall if he was the seller that sell us the keris, but I am very sure I took his namecard, just because he is selling very interesting antiques, and he has quite huge antique collections.

Haizul +6012-5589831 (not sure how update his blog is)

And then, we stop by to see Ipoh pomelo girls...but.....not many pretty young girls selling pomelo...

 And then, we visited another 2 temples.

First temple is Guan Yin temple. There are lots more activities and programs in this temple.
Address: Lot 21606, Batu 4 1/2, Jalan Gopeng, 31350 Ipoh, Perak, 1, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

But what I don't like about the temple is at the outside of the temple, we have all these leftover abandoned fun fair booths and furniture, some even look creepy for me.

How to get blessing when it doesnt look peaceful and quiet within the temple area?

And as far as I know, those abandoned fun fair equiptments have been there ever since then, and for so long, no one seems to care to take it away or at least shifted to somewhere else.

Next to Guan Yin Temple is Da Seng Ngan Temple, an interesting temple that was existing since 100 years ago.

There was a news stating that there were some Century-old artefacts have been uncovered during digging works at the 100-year-old Da Seng Ngan Temple.

Alright, time to leave Ipoh. While we were on the way heading back to KL, I remembered I went for a shop serving duck herbal soup in Bidor, Perak. It was a Cameron Highland trip with my Klang friends. So, I went to google and found the shop - Pun Chun Restaurant. 38-40, Jalan Besar, 35500 Bidor, Perak, Malaysia
Phone:+60 5-434 1554

I super love their cripsy deep fried yam with sweet pork fillings. 2 of us ended up order another 6 more, and I packed some for my family.

Although they strongly recommend their wantan noodle, I cannot remember it gives me a good feeling how special the noodle was. And the portion was quite little for one person serving.

But this one is really good, their famous duck soup noodles, charging at RM 7-8. I believe they really double boiled the herbal soup, making the duck meat so soft till you can even sucking the bone to get the most taste out of it.

Handmade dumpling, soft dumpling skin with the right portion of fillings, just nice.

Till the day we come and visit you again, Ipoh...

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