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Healthy Tasty Food at Mama Kim, Herbaline, Pandan Indah - Sauna Noodles

28 May 2016 - When I first heard of 'sauna noodles' from another mommy group, I was so tempted to try on the sauna noodles. They are referring to Mama Kim, where it's located in Herbaline Pandan Indah. Now, I didn't know Mama Kim is under the Herbaline company. Herbaline is famous for massage, facial treatment, more to beauty treatment. To add on the whole package of beauty, some of the Herbaline outlets open Mama Kim, serving you in-house health cuisine. Now, not all healthy food is pure vegetarian or tasteless.

In Mama Kim, their concept is to contain 80% vegetable and 20% meat in a single dish, giving you more natural fiber source and a balanced diet plan.

So Ms Caroline dated me for this lovely Saturday night dinner. Caroline is the founder of Coffee Zone My and Luxury Living Social, where you can rent a yacht in Port Klang. So, if you are looking to get into affordable coffee business or if you are looking to rent a yacht for your holiday getaway, do contact Caroline at +6012-9168917.

Very long queue indeed over the weekend. I think you might even need to wait for more than 30 minutes to get your table, since people are enjoying the hot sauna noodles and eating it slowly. I found a table outside, and I just go for it. It was hot and humid sitting outside though. We are already in 'sauna' situation even before we get to eat the Mama Kim sauna noodles.

See how crowded it is? Suitable for any ages, the cuisine it seems. Most important is, you do know people come here for delicious and healthy food.

As per their menu, this Cantonese 'Sang Mee' (crispy fried thin noodle) is one of the signature. As you can see, the mountain of vegetables and tiny little seafood, adding on one medium sized prawn and one green mussel, make you say: "This is really worth for money!" But then again, I would say it is a moderate dish, where I can get elsewhere. The portion is big for me and Caroline too.

Here comes the signature Mama Kim sauna noodles. The original soup base is the fish soup, served with its signature rice noodles. You hardly see the noodles, because the toppings are all the ingredients covering the home-made noodles. As you can see 1/2 corn, mushrooms, vegetables (you mak), fried bean curds, few snow white fish meats, and many more.

Specially crafted bowl are placed in special over for 50 minutes to heat up to 250'C. You will need their special imported Japanese spoon (like a mini ladle) to scoop on the very super tempting clear yet flavorful fish broth.

Want to see the boiling sauna noodles?

What impress me is actually their signature rice noodles didn't become mushy or what we Chinese say: "The noodles didn't expand become fatter". Imagine such a high heat from the start, and yet you still enjoy their smooth rice noodles texture. But I got to realized that the noodles has huge portion as well, probably 80% of the whole pot? Again, we couldn't finish the remaining noodles, but the ingredients were all good enough. Waiter will come and refill your soup, in case you run out of the soup.

For this dish, you can opt for rice, or pumpkin noodles; you can also opt for vegetarian soup.

I couldn't tell the first green brownish sauce ingredients, as this was being served along with the cantonese seafood noodle. And I told Caroline, I am a spicy food lover, so no belacan can defeat me. Crap, turn out I am so freaking wrong. I only managed to finish 1/2 sauce plate of the bright red belacan. Just a light touch of your chopstick dipping into the sauce in your small bowl of noodles, or when you tap it on your scoop of noodles, BOOM! explosion in your mouth. I hardly speak after that, telling Caroline how spicy it was. She was laughing and telling me: "Well, at least our food don't taste tasteless!"

The waiter forgotten our drinks, and we reminded them about out drinks. Their signature drinks are their hot ginger lemongrass, you can't even ordered the cold version, as they don't have any. I believe they are not into lots of options, but to maintain the nature of the chef's creation, and how's the food and drinks are so compelling to be a remarkable food tasting and dining moment for us.

YES,if you are thinking of something healthy and delicious, look for Mama Kim.

Mama Kim @ Herbaline, Pandan Indah

Address: Ground Floor, G 49-G 50, Pandan Capital, Persiaran Mpaj, Jalan Pandan Utama, Pandan Indah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

*You might be unable to locate Mama Kim Pandan Indah via Waze or Google Map. Type Herbaline Pandan Indah instead.

Phone:+60 3-4292 6622
Opening hours: Mon - sun 8am - 9pm
Google Map:
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