Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Supper Night @ Suzi's Corner Ampang - Local and Western Steak

5 Feb 2016 - I was driving home to Ampang as the usual routine. The time was 9pm, and I have a sudden crave for supper, of course, you will always get the usual feeling of guilty only after finishing the food.

Anyway, manage to drive to Suzi's Corner and park aside. Not easy to find parking, as their narrow parking pretty much has a lot of cars at such time. Manage just to quickly squeeze my small car at road side, bring along my baby to buy the food.

Reached Suzi's Corner, and you get to see local and western food stalls, such as satay, fried noodles and rice, tandoori chicken, roti naan, steak, burgers, and much more. How long does Suzi's Corner have been operating? Since 1984. Go there in your casual wear, as fans, bright lights, normal chairs and tables with the hot humid weather in Malaysia gonna welcome, even if it's during night time.

The place was packed, with many expats, to my surprise. some just ordered a bottle of beer to match along the local food. Fret not, Suzi's corner is HALAL and pork-free. they just serve beer in bottles.

Notice that the local Chinese operates a pork-free steak house - Steak Hut. Serving different kind of chicken chop, lamb chop, beef steak, served with french fries and mash potatoes. I did not order the steak as it is way too much for me, but seeing the reviews online, it seems most of them recommend the steak and western food.

So these are the items that I have packed.

I bought this cheese nan. I have not been eating roti canai and nan for years, so thought to give a try since, it looks appealing, with the big red stove for them to make naan and tandoori chicken. I remembered I do like butter nan but they are not selling it. End up bought cheese nan, it is a far cry. Combine fat cheese with nan that is full of flour, this 'compactful' carbohydrate is really a big let down for me. Totally don't like it. 2 bites, and I had put aside.

Mexican Burrito wrap with lamb meat fillings. and to be served with tacos aside. I love this, less than RM 10 only. And they made fresh and prepare upon order. the melted cheese, tomatoes, lamb meat, and refried beans as the fillings, being wrapped by a lightly grilled wheat flour tortilla. what I like is that they don't put rice inside. some mexican burrito has rice as fillings in it.

Ordered this fried keoy teow. Can smell and taste the 'fry-wok' aroma, frying the noodles with vegetables, beancurd, and chicken cubes. A lime is by set aside to give yourself a twict of sour tangerine to go along with the fried noodles. However, very oily and nothing much shout about, at least it is appetizing. The price is around RM 8 per plate.

Overall, I believe the extra food stallers are merely renting the stall and try to sell their specialty food. Noticed the cashier and other operators are Indian Muslim or sometimes, they are being referred as Mamak. Price is slightly more expensive than the normal mamak shop. And you can smoke Shisha in their restaurant.


Suzi's Corner

Address: Jalan Ampang, Kampung Desa Pahlawan, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am so surprised to found their facebook page, but it's good to promote your place using Facebook Page, just make sure you don't overdo it, or else too many people report and you will be blocked!

Opening Hours: Mon, Wed - Sun, 5:30pm –5:30am. Closed on Tuesday.

3.158826, 101.748733

Landmark: The intersection of Jalan Ampang and Jalan Ulu Kelang. Before Flamingo Hotel. In case you have missed the turn, just make a U-turn will do.

Google Map:


Have you been to Suzi's Corner before? What's your thoughts about the food and the place? Or do you recommend any unhealthy supper around Klang Valley? Share with me!

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