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Suki Jezz Workout Diary 1: Circuit Training and Cable Machine Workout

29 March 2016 - Here is my fitness workout diary. You will rarely see my personal photos in my blog, probably I am not a selfie person, and I have more food and travel photos in my phone more than any other picture.

The reason I am blogging is to tell you that you and I can achieve a healthy life. all you need is 1-2 hours a day, 2 days a week to achieve a fitter healthy life.

So, this is me, workout alone in a local modern gym in Cheras. Charging per entry fee, and also monthly fee is available as well. I am looking for workout partner, or perhaps I can become your personal trainer. Used to work in fitness First as a certified Personal trainer, nothing much to fancy about, but I can assure the right workout and a proper diet the right way, and I help you to achieve your workout target.

Before you start your exercise, make sure you are fit enough and don't over do it. Take an energy bar as a snack, 30 minutes to 1 hour before you exercise.

Today I decide to go for ‪‎circuittraining‬ n machine ‪workout‬ in the gym, I repeat each workout 2-3 sets, with each set is 15-20 reps.

Cable Machine are good to lock your body, and to allow you to work on specific muscle parts.
1) Leg‬ ‪‎extension‬ n reverse

2) ‪‎Lat‬ Pulldown

3) ‪Pectoral‬/ chest fly (make sure you pull in more than you spread out, while you exercise. For ladies, the mission is to firm your chest to support your breasts (fats), and not making your chest wider.

4) Lower back exercise

Dumbbell Weight - Lock your position, yet allow you to rotate at suitable angles.
5) Palms-Up Dumbbell Wrist Curl

Fitball Exercise - to strengthen your core muscle and challenge your balancing

6) ‪Abs‬ exercise with leg holding ‪fitball‬

7) Hamstring curl + butt squeeze using fitball

Body weight workout - You will be surprised, using your own body weight can be so challenging and 'heavy'
8) VMO floor extension (Strengthens the inner thigh muscle to balance the pull on the knee joint). For me, I put both of my legs straight on the floor, instead of bending my knee. I need this because I hurt my knww before. Most people did not realize how powerful this knee exercise can be, don't believe? challenge yourself.

More info:

Cable crossover machine is good because it opens to all multiple angles and positions, with its cables able to help you back to the positions.

9) Upper ‪chest‬ lift up 



10) Cable Rear Delt Fly

11) Reverse cable woodchop



Video example:

Circuit training is a form of body conditioning or resistance training using high-intensity aerobics. It targets strength building and muscular endurance. alternative ways using the threadmills.
12) jumping ‪squats‬ + little arms exercise

13) Front Lunges + Side Lunges + Curtsy Lunges + Crossover Lunges (I can feel my butts really working out, finally!)

Front lunges

Side lunges

curtsey lunge (where i feel my buttocks burning sensation)

Crossover lunges (The same burning ass sensation)

14) push up + spider crawl/ spiderman push up. I like this one a lot, you really feel it's tough, especially when you can crawl like the Spiderman. Now, we know Spiderman isn't an easy job!

15) push up + kick your legs & move your feet back in towards your chest (without machine as per the photo)

And I am totally burnt out!

Normally I get the workout program based on what I have learned when I was a personal trainer, and get more inspiration of workout online. I don't sell any online workout or a guarantee workout program because I prefer to be your real personalized trainer.

So are you ready for a fitter, healthy lifestyle? Make no excuse! come join me for a full workout routine! Have any questions about fitness, workouts, diet, and health? Are you sure you are doing the right exercise to achieve your goals? Is the way you doing it correctly? Don't be shy, regardless you are female or male, I will help you in any ways, regardless in a gym, outdoor, at your home, or to support you online.

Feel free wechat me at piggy091385 (inform me that you want to achieve fitness goal), whatapps me 0126361428, or email me at

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