Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Let's stay healthy and fit together - I want to be your personal trainer

7 August 2015 - After all those stress, the craving food, and almost no time left for my alone time, I hit the gym finally. It's a YES....

Went to 7 Days Fitness in Lakefield. Yes, it is spacious, and they have a giant fan on top of ceiling for air validation. However, not really hygiene or clean.

This is me kickstart dumbbell workout.

During the weekends, in the early morning, since baby is sleeping, sneak out at 7am, a brisk jog of 2km around my house on the hill. Smelling the trees scent in the morning, unfortunately it was bad haze during this time.

so I went back home to continue my workout: this time is body weight workout.

Sit up


I am not putting on sport shoes, as I am in my house, trying to take photos and recording the video for you to view some body weight workout routine. It is still advisable to put on sport shoes to avoid any sports injury.

I do admit I am not a good video recorder, as it diverts my attention in focusing doing workouts, as I have to check the posture while ensure my phone is taking the right angles of the photos and video record.

I speed up the whole workout routine, just for you to see. My actual workout is 15-20 reps, and repeat the same workout 3 sets at least. My target is to burn fat and firm up my muscle.

Youtube link:

I have done the following workouts:
  • Push up
  • Push up with leg cross on the ground
  • Lunges (just make sure your knees are before your foot toes, assuming you want to see your toes and not your knees over your toes)
  • Jumping squats 
  • shoulder front raise + squats (sorry, don't have dumbbell at that time)
  • Back Tricep dips
  • Sit-up
  • Lower Back Exercise - Bird Dog (I am bad in balancing, oops)
  • Shoulder press using baby as weight
  • Modified V-sits with baby as weight
  • Stretching

Normally I get the workout program based on what I have learned when I was a personal trainer, and get more inspiration of workout online. I don't sell any online workout or a guarantee workout program because I prefer to be your real personalized trainer.

So are you ready for a fitter, healthy lifestyle? Make no excuse! come join me for a full workout routine! Have any questions about fitness, workouts, diet, and health? Are you sure you are doing the right exercise to achieve your goals? Is the way you doing it correctly? Don't be shy, regardless you are female or male, I will help you in any ways, regardless in a gym, outdoor, at your home, or to support you online.

Feel free wechat me at piggy091385 (inform me that you want to achieve fitness goal), whatapps me 0126361428, or email me at
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