Thursday, December 10, 2015

Restoran Kebun Kelapa, Klang - clams soup, fried squid, salt-baked prawns

6 Nov 2015 - I and my relative went to Klang to buy the diabetic shoes from FootLink, and since I was in Klang, I called up my Klang buddies to have our dinner in Restoran Kebun Kelapa, Klang. This restaurant was used to be super famous, as I remembered coming to this restaurant when I was a young child. too many new restaurants opened nearby to them, so yeah, competitors. but then again. they are the only one who still prefer to hire Chinese chefs, local staff to work in the restaurant, no wonder I still trust their food after so many years.

Clams/ Lala, stir-fried with chilli padi and gingers, and adding on Chinese cooking wine.

the clams are big and it was simply tempting. recommended.

I used to have fried lala meehoon as my favourite when I go to seafood restaurant, but this was too dry, I prefer the 'wet' style.

Mini fried prawns? this is actually deep fried squid! strongly recommend this dish, and this goes well with a glass of beer, teehee!

The normal vegetables to eat with our typical bowl of white rice.

Deep fried thai style fish, giving you sweet spicy thailand flavours.

Last but not least, salt-baked prawns, I still don't know how they prepare the recipe, curious....because I had tried salt-baked fish, salt-steamed chicken, but salt-baked prawn? Never...oh yeah, this is good as well.

And of course, when you come to Klang, it is Bak Kut Teh, and seafood that you must try. any other food in Klang that you want to recommend? Do tell me as well!

Name: Restoran Kebun Kelapa, Klang
Address: 1352, Jalan Nipah 4, Kawasan 10, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-3168 0174

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