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Footlink, the healthy footwear for all walks of life

6 Nov 2015- I was frustrated when my relative cannot find the right shoes for his diabetic condition. You see, for diabetic people, they can't afford the risk to get any injury or blister on their body and foot. When they start to have any wound/ blister, or when they didn't take good care of their foot, diabetic wounds would infected with gangrene quickly, and you must remember gangrene can just cause your foot amputated within 1-2 days! Therefore, it's important that the sore or ulcer is tended to immediately.

I had tried to buy the diabetic shoes twice, first time i forgotten where that i had bought, and the second pair was in HUKM special centre in the physiotheraphy area.

And so, I google into niche keywords - "diabetic shoes Malaysia", and finally I found Footlink in the top SEO.

I called up and consult Mr Loganathan, the shoemaker in Footlink, after talking over the phone, and whatsapp him my relative's feet size...we decided to go straight to Klang, to check out their shoes range, to avoid any further delay.

We had a quick chat with Mr Loganathan, and we found out he studied Shoe Design and Making Courses at Cordwainers Technical College in London, which is the same college of Jimmy Choo. The first thing that Mr Loganathan would ask you is: "Have you tried on any of my shoes?"

Ms Gnanam, Mr Loganathan's wife, who is a diabetic foot care nurse and a counsellor for diabetic patients, had a good look at my relative's feet. Asking for his blood sugar level, checking numbness of the feet. She told us that we need to maintain the blood sugar level between 5.8-7.8 to stay healthy, and as my relative can't really feel anything when Gnanam is doing some test on his feet, this mean that there is nerve damage in its feet as well. Plus the skin was so dry, that it cracked. When your skin cracked, you will feel itchy and you wanna scratch it, and when you scratch it, you might cause minor blister...and might lead to serious blister, leading to gangrene....Oh dear...

Ms Gnanam even showed me their shock absorption footpad, where she dropped an egg on the Footlink foot pad without breaking it.

Anyway, I had done some research online, the reason why they kickstart FootLink business:

And you get to see all the ranges of shoes available on the racks. You can see the quality shoes were all handmade, available in various size. The aim is to wear quality HEALTHY shoe, and also they are really comfortable when you try on their shoes. And then, it struck my mind. There were once, a lady told me: "Hey, I bought this flat shoes at RM 20 only." It is almost the same price in the shoes in the morning or night market. How is the quality? You might think, it is okay to put on cheap shoes, I can afford to buy a new pair. One thing we won't know if when the way we walk, we stand, we sit, we cross our legs, every movement might cause lots of foot problem like callus, foot ulcer, arthritis, foot deformity and more. If you experience lower back pain, knee pain, ankle pain, you might just putting on the wrong pair of shoes for your feet.

So we finally bought this pair of shoes with the price of RM 200. paying RM 200 for a healthy life, and a pair of diabetic shoes for 2-3 years, it is definitely worth it.

Their seamless socks are very interesting. 70% cotton made, Footlink seamless toe cover with smooth toe seams were created using one thread linking all the stitches, creating comfortable flat seam by hand. Priced at RM 31 only.

We also bought their footlink plant base moisturizing cream, cater to those who have dry skin and for diabetic patients. this is important for diabetic people, as their skin are always dry and cracking. Footlink cream contains Cocoa Butter (Moisturising), Aleo Vera (Soothing), Vitamin E (Repair) where you can even apply on your whole body, and not only cater for your foot. Ms Gnanam applied the cream onto my relative's skin, and immediately you can see your skin glossy and shining. Footlink plant base cream is sold at RM 21.

As you can see, their footwear is suitable for all walks of life. They have everything a diabetic patient needs, but it doesn't only about diabetic people. As they showed the proper guidance, one-on-one professional consultation, and ensure we bought the right things, we surely recommend FootLink to those who want to stay healthy by putting on the right shoes for your feet. If you are going to FootLink shop, please do tell them they get to know about their shop from my blog. you can also tell them to refer to my introduction card by mentioning 'Jessica Ong' and my birthdate 13 Sept.

If you plan to buy shoes, we recommend you to go to their shop in Klang, and you will need to buy the right shoes size.

If you plan to buy only the cream and socks, you can try to buy online:

If you are not from Malaysia, you can buy from their agents in Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. You can also buy your shoes online only if you are sure on your shoes size, you can seek for consultation from Mr Loganathan. They will help you at their very best.

No.2, Jalan Seruling 36, Kawasan 3,
Taman Klang Jaya, 41200, Klang
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Telephone:+6 03 3323 3636
Fax:+6 03 3323 3736

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And long live diabetic people!
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