Friday, September 4, 2015

Explore the ocean seafood at The Fat Fish

Finally, I was suggested to go and explore seafood, but in the morning?! Probably I have to wait till I am super hungry to have seafood as my Sunday brunch!

I m sinking my teeth in the ocean ‪seafood‬...the fat fish in mont Kiara shoplex, offering you fresh seafood from the sea...well, guess who invited me for the Sunday brunch seafood? :D

Anyway, first time I made booking instead of walking in, I also wonder why. Probably because for the first time, I want to secure my seats. Ee Von was the one who in charge of my booking, which made me surprised how come the indoor area is always occupied, and we have to have our brunch at their outdoor area. Upon arrival, only I understand: ‪The Fat Fish‬ is a super small shop, probably less than 5 tables?

Salted tuna cheek. Please don't eat the skin, way too salty. however, the flesh is all good.

Sashimi‬ ‪Raw Belly‬ ‪Salmon. The only food that me feel bloated is the sashimi, probably due to the belly fats and the chef cut the sashimi in long cubes instead of thin slices like other Japanese shops...

When it comes to fresh seafood, I will always want to order Unagi, grilled eel. Finally, a huge portion, compared with those in the Japanese Sushi cafe.

Pan-fried ‪Hokkaido‬‪ scallops. Garnishing a bit, because Ee von said they like to go simple and clean food art, but yet guarantee fresh quality seafood.

2 dozens of ‪‎fresh‬ ‎oysters‬ from ‪‎Sydney‬ Rock and‪ Tasmania. Nice fresh oysters, with lots of lemon and a mini bottle of Tobasco for us to spice up the oysters a bit. This is real good!

And finally, white wine to make our seafood dining moment going a little bit tipsy...
Most of the food are prepared in easy ways (grill, pan-fried, topping with some herbs, spices or light seasoning) 

We spend a total of RM 300 ++ for the overall dining experience.

Grab your seafood seats!

Tel: 013-261 3777
Add: 15-05, Mont Kiara Shoplex, Jalan Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tips: Small place, you will find the shop upon arrival.


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