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Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Puff puff…bubble in our life, here come the fishes in the ocean….I was wondering is there a need to eat fish? They are so so so beautiful, and we the human not only kill them, and pollute their sea and you know what? Thanks to research of nutrition in the fishes, some of the fishes had gone extinct because it is good for human to eat! I wonder if one day, people investigate and found out human’s flesh is enrich with vitamins, shall we start killing each other? Think of this, and think for the other living things too. After all, all of us are living things. We end up eating what we had polluted! I believe in karma though…well, it is an opinion, but still…

Anyway, don’t want to spoil your mood in this fresh new blog again!

Here we go!

At last, some hugs from our cute little toy species in the ocean. Let’s do our part, shall we? You can make a difference, by practicing eating more vegetables instead of meats or fishes, and start to save water, and not being snobbish to pollute the fishes’ home – the ocean and the sea. Remember, whatever you do, god knows, we know, you know. Cheers have a nice day! Save the earth, and we shall live!

More info at:

Remember, save the place we are living, save each you all...


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Shanghai Museum

The view outside of Shanghai Museum...or are they coming towards me to get an autograph?

Art and culture, all preserved, all being remembered, all are fighters of creators!

This time, there are too many photos and I believe you all will be tired scrolling down from top to toe and end up doesn’t even feel like reading the blog.

Yes, I understand, hence, to make it interesting, I convert all the pictures into a video version. Yes, no need to say thank you, but I hope you will be saying that. I am bringing you pictures to make sure your Shanghai trip won’t be disaster, won’t be another conned holiday trip and won’t be boring after all.

Sit back, relax, take your popcorn…okay, a bit out of topic…all I need is your full attention. Now I will show you only part of china history. Did I say part only? Yes, part only. Why? There are so many museums that the guard told me they always exchange historical items all around the museums in the world! Crying out loud, only part already took my one whole day, you know? But seeing all of them with your own eyes, and the feeling and experience? Come and have a look now, shall we?

Puff! The end! Well, still tempting for it huh? I want to charge you  for next session! haha!! Hey, don;t get angry, I am just joking! Like to see your smile while reading my happy blog.

Here is the info of the museum:

till the day I blog again, till the day we live again, till the day I bring you my love of blog, my story, my passion, for the love of readers all around the world. Long live me! Hahahaha!


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Yu Garden, Shanghai

*This article has been published in Flyme360 June 2016 (page 12 -15)

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Yu Garden, comes back alive from the past

Yu garden, the only place at Shanghai which makes me going back to the years of dynasty. This is real perseverance of keeping everything in place is really challenging. Yuyuan Garden,a famous classical garden located in Anren Jie, Shanghai. The garden was completed in 1577 by a government officer of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) named Pan Yunduan. For further history details, you can click this link:

Yu Garden

Imagine during those days without machines involved. The hard work of fined craftsmanship done bit by bit, the stronger man with the higher spirits to build such a mass beautiful garden. Well, regardless they rebuild it or they make it as a tourism destination. The rebuild architectural construction was as same as what it was. I have the pictures before and after, and it is exactly the same. Why must you come here? Check this out:

The palace

The one that make me interesting is the nine-bend bridge, with hexagonal bridge being built. (I was counting the angles…just to confirm the history, I know it was stupid, but it satisfies me when I am sure that thing is correct)

1..2..3...9,ok, 9 angles!

And then I found the Chinese version of Edward Scissorsman…he was observing his client while cutting out the exact same client’s face, using a pair of scissors and red paper. I don’t think I can do that in a short time of learning how to do it, so might as well, just offer the artist to cut something out from the paper for you.

Oops, I found a belly dancer guy, which I m curious, if they are so hot, why bother to put on a tee? I cannot see any six packs but just one round belly (3 months old pregnant?). Lifting up a tee till the stomach level is a trend for china guys. What a fashion trend!

The contestant of Mr China Belly

Okay, when there are people, here is the food. I am not sure it is delicious or popular or affordable, everyone seems do not mind to line up at this specific restaurant, Nan Xiang, to order their ‘xiao long pao’ the shanghai dumplings with the juices and savoring pork inside.

Oh, so this is my ancestors used to live! Just kidding, the famous building. So I bet this is the Yuhua Hall as mentioned at the previous links I recommend to you. The few walls to make the garden even more persona and personal.


Walking behind, noticed these two lions guarding the temple at Yu garden.


And moving on, I found this guy demonstrating the old times when western comes to china to introduce video filming during the long long long time ago.


Walk again, ah ha! Something different. A lady was drawing on the tee shirt. (Live) again. Well, not something I can see such artistic people at Kuala Lumpur. Notice her drawing the tiger quietly and calmly, therefore I do not dare to disturb her.

1-2 hours at there, volla, here comes the evening scenery. Oh ya, by the way, try to go there earlier to have a look at the Cheng Huang temple or City God temple. I heard that it is a very historical old temple which you cannot afford to miss it. I was disappointed that I was late to reach there, but I shall come again another time, here is the info!

Walked by this cute little shop where they use ‘so familiar’ words to convey the message of good well-cooked noodles. Get someone who knows how to read Chinese to look at this picture.

Okay, street art. This time, a Chinese artist drew a naked lady. Something I can’t see at Kuala Lumpur, because it is against the main religion at Malaysia. I understand, but I will fall in love in such art though.

The end. Catch me again for next blog of episodes...


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