Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Puff puff…bubble in our life, here come the fishes in the ocean….I was wondering is there a need to eat fish? They are so so so beautiful, and we the human not only kill them, and pollute their sea and you know what? Thanks to research of nutrition in the fishes, some of the fishes had gone extinct because it is good for human to eat! I wonder if one day, people investigate and found out human’s flesh is enrich with vitamins, shall we start killing each other? Think of this, and think for the other living things too. After all, all of us are living things. We end up eating what we had polluted! I believe in karma though…well, it is an opinion, but still…

Anyway, don’t want to spoil your mood in this fresh new blog again!

Here we go!

At last, some hugs from our cute little toy species in the ocean. Let’s do our part, shall we? You can make a difference, by practicing eating more vegetables instead of meats or fishes, and start to save water, and not being snobbish to pollute the fishes’ home – the ocean and the sea. Remember, whatever you do, god knows, we know, you know. Cheers have a nice day! Save the earth, and we shall live!

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Remember, save the place we are living, save each you all...


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