Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shanghai Museum

The view outside of Shanghai Museum...or are they coming towards me to get an autograph?

Art and culture, all preserved, all being remembered, all are fighters of creators!

This time, there are too many photos and I believe you all will be tired scrolling down from top to toe and end up doesn’t even feel like reading the blog.

Yes, I understand, hence, to make it interesting, I convert all the pictures into a video version. Yes, no need to say thank you, but I hope you will be saying that. I am bringing you pictures to make sure your Shanghai trip won’t be disaster, won’t be another conned holiday trip and won’t be boring after all.

Sit back, relax, take your popcorn…okay, a bit out of topic…all I need is your full attention. Now I will show you only part of china history. Did I say part only? Yes, part only. Why? There are so many museums that the guard told me they always exchange historical items all around the museums in the world! Crying out loud, only part already took my one whole day, you know? But seeing all of them with your own eyes, and the feeling and experience? Come and have a look now, shall we?

Puff! The end! Well, still tempting for it huh? I want to charge you  for next session! haha!! Hey, don;t get angry, I am just joking! Like to see your smile while reading my happy blog.

Here is the info of the museum:

till the day I blog again, till the day we live again, till the day I bring you my love of blog, my story, my passion, for the love of readers all around the world. Long live me! Hahahaha!


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