Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ozeki, Tokyo Cuisine

Ozeki , any special meaning in Japanese for this word? Well, Executive Chef Hitoshi Kimijima will tell you more about Ozeki when he serves you the best and freshest Japanese food you ever tasted. Located at Menara TA One, Ground Floor, 22 Jalan P Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, plus 10 established year being well known at KL, do you have anything more to worry about? All you might worried maybe is when you really wanted to taste all the food in the menu! Well, why don’t make a booking to pamper yourself and your stomach? Contact them via Tel & Fax: +603-2166 4263 and their email is

Okay, after the formal introduction, we just scroll down to the environment, shall we? Well, too many restaurants and café in KL nowadays, we even have mini cart selling sushi for crying out loud! How to know the best when everyone claims theirs are the best? The environment is the answer. These pictures are the surroundings of Ozeki:

Lovely romantic music played within my ears, telling me to slow down, and enjoy my lovely dinner tonight. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh, miss the good old times, seems Ozeki has it all, slow music, quiet environment, beautiful surroundings, Volla, way to go, Chef Hitoshi Kimijima!

Well, after checking out the environment, time to have our good food to be served to us!

Chinmi Rokuten Mori, serves 6 kinds of dainties (Japanese salted appetizers)
Well, some are salty indeed, but yet still, delicious!

Chinmi Rokuten Mori

Here come our very big fresh oysters, coming through, coming through! Squeezing some lemonade on the oysters, slurp slurp…

Big Oysters

What is coming? Are you dreaming of it? Yes, introducing Japanese dream roll, 8 kinds of premium roll sushi consist of Ikura, Wasabi Tobika, Scallop, Black Lumpfish Curvier, Kazunoko, foie gras. uni and Negitoro. Temptation scrumptious with anticipation I would say.

Japanese dream roll

Next, in our menu, here comes Avocado spicy Miso Creamy Gratin, the combination of avocado, seafood and chicken creamy gratin with spicy bean paste. You will never guess how an avocado can be made in such a craving hot dish!

Avocado spicy Miso Creamy Gratin

Hmmm…was not satisfied yet. (See, I was greedy!) So I will never miss my most favorite Salmon Sashimi.surprisingly, Salmon at Ozeki is the freshest salmon that I had ever tasted compared with other Japanese restaurant.

Salmon Sashimi

Well, seafood always comes along with white wine. The wine that I had drunk is Kim Crawford Sauvigon Blanc. I was bit drunk drinking this though!

Kim Crawford Sauvigon Blanc

Have fun going there, ladies and gentlemen. Oh ya, try find Chef Hitoshi Kimijima, cheers.


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