Sunday, February 12, 2012

My first and best shots of Thaipusam 2012

As I waited for another one year round of festive seasons, and plus my curiosity to see it with my own eyes, finally I get the chance to go to Thaipusam.

So what make this event being well-known to us? Check this info about Thaipusam.

As I know everyone will be explaining and sharing stories of Thaipusam, I will like to express my feeling in a different way.

So what is the impact fall into my camera, and me choosing the preferred pictures to be post? If you feel what I feel, if you are who I am, you will know and guess what is the difference?

Check them out!

The warrior with fearless of pain

No  pain, no gain!


The cute one!

His message should be: save the earth,go green?

The strength of sacrifice

Nothing fear him as he laughed all the way!

The strength of water:

Woman run the world! woman rules!

My last shot before my camera's battery went dead:

The audience who  dropped by at this event...

Angry bird, not busy throwing head flinging this time?


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Chinese Valentine and Chap Goh Mei 2012

Wow, 15 days of Chinese New Year passed just like a rocket flying across the sky. Time flies, and here come the rumble mumble jungle time!

I was looking forward for this great event, as I know Malaysian will be shy yet fun to mingle around during Chap Goh Mei. During this event, the session will be taken place at PJ Lake (near Amcorp mall) or Bandar Tun Razak Lake (opposite HUKM). I heard that Klang had it too but it was banned.

Since I was free, I drag my siblings to go hit the road of throwing and picking up tangerine session. Although we have to pay (where we think it is just for fun, we pay for fun? Boring), we still join in the fun, as it happens only once a year.

The best part was… thanks to re-creation of Chap Goh Mei tradition way, the event organizer allows the guys to pass banana fruit to the ladies whom they have good feeling the first impression they look upon on them. Amazing huh? What a trend!

So I went in there, and see who I found! Yes, the god of love….but how come every god is old? Hmmm…

And went in when the security guard told me: “Guys at the left, girls at the right of the pool.” Well, you think is a police patron or what? Just kidding.

After few games, singing performance session, here comes the fruity session. Yes, the fruits war game! All the ladies throwing the tangerines, and check out the picture below:

Once the emcee shouted stop, the men are still swarming and ‘swimming’ in the pond. So cute!

Okay, here is the best part, the banana give out time! The guys will cross over the pool and pass the banana to the girls, but it was a chaos, when some men throw into the pond (I think they think the girls or guys will pick up their bananas?)

So end up few bananas become banana boats.

The worse part, some guys threw the bananas to the ladies. Huh? Come on, you hit the ladies for crying out loud, I was the victim, one of the bananas hit my arm hard! Ouch!

Are you alone?stuck...
And when some men telling the girls: “It was a war, the fruits are flying all over, so if we have fate, we keep in touch ya!” as the man passed over the banana to the girl, and he flew back to the other side.

Some men walking slowly and observe the lady which he really likes, then only pass the banana to her. It was quite a shy moment yet happy!

As I and my siblings walked back, we passed by the cute stalls selling nice lovely valentine gifts and clay crafts.

Angry Birds Clay Crafts!

These cute crafts and classes are available at A-seed Art and Craftland or maybe you might want to check out flowers for your valentine? Here you go: Zen Flora Gift.

The Chap Goh Mei was a fun moment, the most important is you might found your love? Don’t give up!



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Friday, February 3, 2012

Suki Jezz in Tanjung Malim

When you miss them, and when village still exists
I missed it so much, the good old days in the village, despite everyone is being so busy working and clubbing in the city, which is why I choose to pick up some days and go back villages sometimes, make my mind keep off from work and being quiet. So, here I am, in the little happening village, not far away from Selangor, here comes – Tanjung Malim.

Tanjung Malim is a town in the state of Perak, Malaysia. It is approximately 70 km (43.75 miles) north of Kuala Lumpur via the North-South Highway. It lies on the Perak-Selangor state border, with Sungai Bernam serving as the natural divider.

I missed the food, the bun, the coffee, the early morning roaster crowing which sounds like old alarm clock ringing to my ears, and the best part will be the warm feeling back at home, missed it so much.

So I shall cut the chase, and flatter you with the pictures of the village and the food.

The Amos famous Leong Kee and Ming restaurant, not too far after the toll, and famous with their....

Delicious fried glass noodle with a fresh egg in the middle....moon or sun represent the egg? hmmm....

 You  must try this....the hot pepper mee hoon soup, so many people want to copy cat them, but failed!

chi gek mai or 刺激米
 Another day with the fresh air in the morning, seeing everyone riding on the bike or bicycles, aunty saying hi to you...

I miss you a lot....
 Found some nice animals doing catwalk, was it a cat  or.....poultry  walks? They are models...

Hang on! the lovely blossom flowers

Standing high  and tall

Here we go, a promising delicous old days coffeeshop or kopitiam (in Malay)

the shop

on newspapar

the address

cheap small nasi lemak

hainan coffee  being the best

wow....what a bun!

Famous wine noodles

Miss this? Fresh eggs...

Wish sky at KL is that nice...
My story at village.....nice....

Next round again! Ah ha!


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Chinese New Year 2012 - Precious for Me, Lovely for You

Special, Meaningful and the Precious

Nothing has been better than spending this Chinese New Year holiday to rest and relax. Everyone will be busy writing and sharing their moments during this festive season. Some of us went for a great holiday; some will just be snoring off their sleeping time, cuddling themselves in their sweet bed back at hometown. Some of us will be having big feasts at their own house, especially the home cooked food which you cannot get it from the restaurants or café; this is mother’s love, the greatest of all.

Well, a new year, a new beginning. What say you to be a special moment or a new resolution? As for me, things changed, so many things had been changing, everyone is pacing up fast, but we still need to improve our mind and concept into every little thing.

We should try remembering more of the good old times, our childhood, our family, things we had missed out, words we can’t take back or anything that you wish you had done but you had never been hitting it.

I had learnt to spend more time in looking things in a longer roads and further time. I took this opportunity to spend more time with my family, and go back to see my good old friends, here it goes:

The traditional chinese new year reunion dinner at Cheers Palace, we had this one earlier than the actual ones.

Jason the Engineer and his  gadget

Worth RM 388?Not convinced...

A very special dinner at Pietro with my lovely brother, the innocent brother....


 A delicious lunch I had, craving for the Hakka traditonal dish - hakka yam abacus or (suan pan zi)...made by my lovely aunt at  her home sweet home.

Abacus or "Suan Pan Zi"
 Shopping with mom and fall in love  with the colorful decoration at  Viva Home

The Water Dragon 2012
Love the springtime and the flowers...

A great food with big feast comes with a great friend,  the pretty ones. We are enjoying food at Gohtong Jaya. The address is:

Qui Lin Seafood Restaurant
No. 58 Jalan Jati 1,
Taman Gohtong Jaya
Genting Highland
69000 Pahang
GPS: 3.394413,101.769061
Tel: 019-321 3609

Left:  me, Right: Kah Yen

The Food at Qui Lin, yummy!

Sizzling Marmite Pork

Lo Hon Zai, or vegetables

Chinese Sausage Rice

Pineapple Pork Intestine

Assam Fish

 The whole gathering once again! We are enjoying steamboat session at Kepong and have quite a game session at Ms Crystal's house! 

The big boy, Mun Kit is making his wish for his upcoming birthday! We have many celebration: Chinese New Year, Mun Kit and Crystal's birthday, and aiming for winner of Mahjong and Na Mi's to treat us dinner!

MunKit: " I wish I can have a pretty girlfriend soon!"

Celebration for Mun Kit and Crystal's Bday
 We will make it to the gathering as always....

I was almost 'killed' for not showing up, but I did and met all of them after  so many years, and all of our faces had never been changed, except me  with the curly long hair of  course.

Primary Schoolmates

Love the dress, so just took a shot...from Nichii

Part I  from Day 1  till Day 7 of the CNY stories have been done! :)
See you next  round....  ;)


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