Friday, February 3, 2012

Suki Jezz in Tanjung Malim

When you miss them, and when village still exists
I missed it so much, the good old days in the village, despite everyone is being so busy working and clubbing in the city, which is why I choose to pick up some days and go back villages sometimes, make my mind keep off from work and being quiet. So, here I am, in the little happening village, not far away from Selangor, here comes – Tanjung Malim.

Tanjung Malim is a town in the state of Perak, Malaysia. It is approximately 70 km (43.75 miles) north of Kuala Lumpur via the North-South Highway. It lies on the Perak-Selangor state border, with Sungai Bernam serving as the natural divider.

I missed the food, the bun, the coffee, the early morning roaster crowing which sounds like old alarm clock ringing to my ears, and the best part will be the warm feeling back at home, missed it so much.

So I shall cut the chase, and flatter you with the pictures of the village and the food.

The Amos famous Leong Kee and Ming restaurant, not too far after the toll, and famous with their....

Delicious fried glass noodle with a fresh egg in the middle....moon or sun represent the egg? hmmm....

 You  must try this....the hot pepper mee hoon soup, so many people want to copy cat them, but failed!

chi gek mai or 刺激米
 Another day with the fresh air in the morning, seeing everyone riding on the bike or bicycles, aunty saying hi to you...

I miss you a lot....
 Found some nice animals doing catwalk, was it a cat  or.....poultry  walks? They are models...

Hang on! the lovely blossom flowers

Standing high  and tall

Here we go, a promising delicous old days coffeeshop or kopitiam (in Malay)

the shop

on newspapar

the address

cheap small nasi lemak

hainan coffee  being the best

wow....what a bun!

Famous wine noodles

Miss this? Fresh eggs...

Wish sky at KL is that nice...
My story at village.....nice....

Next round again! Ah ha!


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Enjoy Life in Good Ways,
Suki Jezz
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