Saturday, November 12, 2011

PayScale Malaysia - Malaysia Country Salary, are we being paid correctly?

Referring to this link after clicking on some research of job salary in Malaysia,

(by the way, i do not buy Job streets average salary's survey, as it does not really go into your specific working experiences, and normally it showed way too low, no way!)

but I like kelly service link, more accurate I would say:-

Here, this is 2011/ 2012 job salary range:-

PayScale Malaysia - Malaysia Country Salary, Average Salaries by Years Experience

I am working for 5 years and above, and it showed here:

5 years - annual income should be rm 60, 000, which means monthly income would be RM 5000 average.

Yet, most of the company is expecting paying low and get high return of ROI?

You got to be kidding me, at such way this is how employees are treated?

What your opinions towards all this?

With such high expenses at malaysia, in terms value of money, i would say -

Most of the employees are underpaid, not to say the company is stingy, but yet to say , how you expect one worker to work hard by getting low pay and expect them to stay long and loyal to the company?

I believe if as an employee, we are protected in terms of benefits and also profti sharing, by being not selfish, i would say the company more or less have more loyal workers and they will be more understsanding and more generous.

You pay peanuts, monkey do the job , huh?

Do not tell me we are proud that the company is paying most of us well?and asking lots in return? no....

More interesting facts:


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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ciao, Italian Speak no Americano at Home Sweet Home

When Everywhere is Home for Me

mogliano veneto, finally i got the name right, did i?  :)

Some say it is full of romance, some say is a place full of pickpockets, some say Italian food is super fattening, some say Italian people is too straight forward, some say....

Well, instead of listening to some say, I rather go there myself, and hope you come and see for yourself too.

Like everyone says, if we are keep on saying life is short, what for we are still staying the same place, doing the same thing, but complaining want to travel around the world, but no taking any action?

One says: No Money. And here comes the same life-cycle again. Get dating, make babies, make family, and expect kids to bring us tour around the world? By the time we are too old to do extreme sports with extra burden of our old bodies we can hardly even move around. Please make a move to take leave and get some time to relax and holiday if you are really crazy for traveling. Minus off all the calculation, but also keep track and do not overspend though. In the end, use money wisely.

Venice airport

Here comes the city of love, Italy. So many successful person grow up here, i am sure there are secret recipes within them. Most of the Italian do not work, is it true? I will agree this no more. The Italians really do enjoy life, with spending most of the time eating good food, wear good clothes, dress up nicely with nice culture, it is so good.

first caption of the road's signboard, erm....what is the meaning? oh my god, i am lost.
wee.....finally some Chinese words which i able to read!

All for Real? It is Real for All...

Well, guess what? No fake eggs like those from china, no fake brands like Gidano (Giordano) or Niki (Nike), no look alike Gucci or LV, just be real with everything when you come Italy. The food is healthy with most proteins and vegetables, which make me curious how come Italian food at Malaysia is super heavy and filling their pastas come in different kinds, and unlike us cooking pasta with super heavy sauces, they cook it lightly just sauté and that’s it.

Guess I can gain weight pretty fast with such a cold weather and good food, check it out!

salad as starter

firewood kitchen stylo

for real, joke, this kitchen feed 8 children for years till now,till grandchildren

the real salami.......

grilled fish and saute mushrooms, tsk tsk....
** for your information, these mushrooms are plucked from outside the house, you want it, you pluck it, and you cook it, and you eat it, fresh fresh fresh..... **

meats, either ducks, pheasants, or meats the family rear...still fresh, with no steroids or preservative...

my love of breakfast, and i turn out the big eater of the morning breakfast
I am the one eating like there is no tomorrow, so embarassing, yet fresh eggs! genuine eggs!

lunch time, cute pasta right? this is ribbon or butterfly pasta? cooked with fresh olives, and their aromas of taste...yummy...

stewed vegetables

broiled ducks...quack quack!

pasta! fresh mushrooms and cheese...oh lord...fat fat fat but healthy fats!

properly arranged vegetables

and so on...all these food are only at home, yes, home...imagine eating outside!

For your information, these are only the first 2-3 days food's pictures. needless to say, you can imagine me coming back tighting up my pants because my waist grow bigger!

The Hospitality of Love

Plus, i am lucky enough to be with the Michieletto’s family. They treat me good, although i need a translator badly, haha....cannot even understand what they said, but they express their words with body language. And here goes my lovely family; they treat like one of them. One thing to conquer, the language, and one more thing to overcome – find one translator or try to use body language of the basic Italian one, and try go INTERNET and use google translate, mamma mia!

When dining, Italian is very particular from dress up neatly and nicely to have dinner together, and there are rhythms and ways to eat food step by step, lucky there is not many extra special forks and knives to learn to use, aiks!

a family of 15 people

they eat together and enjoy food

You will see the Europeans are so healthy that they look young and smart even they are in their 80s. check out mama and papa !

another table full of people and food

see papa? still working hard for the family for food.

they treat you like one of them...super nice

beautiful people

cute cute girl

a kid train himself for wine since young ^.^

respect papa....papa strong and healthy and funny

A mind of the Young Italian

and mind me, this cute little girl at aged of 5 years had learnt to wash the dishes without people asking, salute them for real.

these are the right ways to teach the kids, not pampering them with technology gagdets.

More to come....

ciao ciao!

Exit? no, just reach Italy :)


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Emirates leave me comfortably at Dubai Airport

4th November 2011 -

      As they say, be real to the person you really love and care, trying to get too many at one time and see who is the best? No such way, nothing is perfect and so do we. In return of love, the way is was treated couldn’t say more by expressing thank you so much for bringing me around as i always have been dreamt of.

It was just like the movie ‘rush hour’. Getting the news in the morning of going to Venice, Italy by midnight on the exact day certainly freak me out, with the mixture of excitement yet unprepared. Yet still, I smiled to myself, as it was a dream of mine to make it come true of travelling around the world. Grazie, amore.

Mr Lost in the Space...

where? guess?outer space?

So here I was, on 4th Nov 2011 at 2 am of Malaysia time, with so many things doing first time in my life. Well, what was my first time?

Emirates! thanks!

          First time taking transit to Emirates air lines, first time taking Emirates airlines, first time hanging out at Dubai, first time to have own television at the back of the front seat in the airplane, so many first time?

The main thing i want to tell you is – never stop dreaming to get what you want, it is never too late unless you give up for yourself.

Taking a flight of 6 hours from Kuala lumpur to Dubai airport for sure make my bones cracking like an old crackers. Plus lucky enough I and Federico just need to be around Dubai Airport only for 5 hours (in some ways, some people might need to be stranded at Dubai airport for more than 10 hours for switching of flight to different countries), we managed to get to tour around.   

Their airport, Dubai Duty Free, which is currently the single largest airport retailer in the world began the new year on a high note announcing double digit sales growth for 2010 with turnover reaching a record Dhs4.66 billion (US$1.27 billion), representing a 14% increase over 2009 figures.
Rolex at Dubai! We reach at 5 am!

Emirates certainly are smart people to do business. To be own pride, it owns country is already rich with oil and petrol; it certainly has one of the biggest airport in the world. Most of the retailer shops are not stand alone, as I can see most of them having same plastic bags and same name - DDF, Dubai Duty Free

Seafood Bar
          They offer you some great seats look like massage chairs, operates some seafood restaurants, selling some duty free alcohols, and chocolates.

    Enjoy the pictures below, as i am sure your eyes are as special as mine!

super huge and big
They even make a mini jungle for us! such a view!

Jungle in the Airport?

Jungle in the airport...

An Introduction of Dubai....

History of Dubai....A must See Achievement

pubs,  alcohol and meat are everywhere as you can see...

See how they ensure the people are comfortable as they wait for the next flight for hours?

Irish Pub, woohoo!

the olden days of telephone booth...awwww...

this picture is so related with chinese belief, means good business

see the sky

and red on land....
We even manage to get some cute souvenirs, and i would say it is reasonable price though.

this is my gold camel...for few minutes...

where is my genie?

genie, or ferrari?

super super cute!

the bodyguard - male


camel walking on the shelves instead of at the deserts

Aladdin....Aladdin lamps
me saying hello to you here!thanks!

hello hello...hello~!


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