Saturday, November 12, 2011

PayScale Malaysia - Malaysia Country Salary, are we being paid correctly?

Referring to this link after clicking on some research of job salary in Malaysia,

(by the way, i do not buy Job streets average salary's survey, as it does not really go into your specific working experiences, and normally it showed way too low, no way!)

but I like kelly service link, more accurate I would say:-

Here, this is 2011/ 2012 job salary range:-

PayScale Malaysia - Malaysia Country Salary, Average Salaries by Years Experience

I am working for 5 years and above, and it showed here:

5 years - annual income should be rm 60, 000, which means monthly income would be RM 5000 average.

Yet, most of the company is expecting paying low and get high return of ROI?

You got to be kidding me, at such way this is how employees are treated?

What your opinions towards all this?

With such high expenses at malaysia, in terms value of money, i would say -

Most of the employees are underpaid, not to say the company is stingy, but yet to say , how you expect one worker to work hard by getting low pay and expect them to stay long and loyal to the company?

I believe if as an employee, we are protected in terms of benefits and also profti sharing, by being not selfish, i would say the company more or less have more loyal workers and they will be more understsanding and more generous.

You pay peanuts, monkey do the job , huh?

Do not tell me we are proud that the company is paying most of us well?and asking lots in return? no....

More interesting facts:


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