Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Emirates leave me comfortably at Dubai Airport

4th November 2011 -

      As they say, be real to the person you really love and care, trying to get too many at one time and see who is the best? No such way, nothing is perfect and so do we. In return of love, the way is was treated couldn’t say more by expressing thank you so much for bringing me around as i always have been dreamt of.

It was just like the movie ‘rush hour’. Getting the news in the morning of going to Venice, Italy by midnight on the exact day certainly freak me out, with the mixture of excitement yet unprepared. Yet still, I smiled to myself, as it was a dream of mine to make it come true of travelling around the world. Grazie, amore.

Mr Lost in the Space...

where? guess?outer space?

So here I was, on 4th Nov 2011 at 2 am of Malaysia time, with so many things doing first time in my life. Well, what was my first time?

Emirates! thanks!

          First time taking transit to Emirates air lines, first time taking Emirates airlines, first time hanging out at Dubai, first time to have own television at the back of the front seat in the airplane, so many first time?

The main thing i want to tell you is – never stop dreaming to get what you want, it is never too late unless you give up for yourself.

Taking a flight of 6 hours from Kuala lumpur to Dubai airport for sure make my bones cracking like an old crackers. Plus lucky enough I and Federico just need to be around Dubai Airport only for 5 hours (in some ways, some people might need to be stranded at Dubai airport for more than 10 hours for switching of flight to different countries), we managed to get to tour around.   

Their airport, Dubai Duty Free, which is currently the single largest airport retailer in the world began the new year on a high note announcing double digit sales growth for 2010 with turnover reaching a record Dhs4.66 billion (US$1.27 billion), representing a 14% increase over 2009 figures.
Rolex at Dubai! We reach at 5 am!

Emirates certainly are smart people to do business. To be own pride, it owns country is already rich with oil and petrol; it certainly has one of the biggest airport in the world. Most of the retailer shops are not stand alone, as I can see most of them having same plastic bags and same name - DDF, Dubai Duty Free

Seafood Bar
          They offer you some great seats look like massage chairs, operates some seafood restaurants, selling some duty free alcohols, and chocolates.

    Enjoy the pictures below, as i am sure your eyes are as special as mine!

super huge and big
They even make a mini jungle for us! such a view!

Jungle in the Airport?

Jungle in the airport...

An Introduction of Dubai....

History of Dubai....A must See Achievement

pubs,  alcohol and meat are everywhere as you can see...

See how they ensure the people are comfortable as they wait for the next flight for hours?

Irish Pub, woohoo!

the olden days of telephone booth...awwww...

this picture is so related with chinese belief, means good business

see the sky

and red on land....
We even manage to get some cute souvenirs, and i would say it is reasonable price though.

this is my gold camel...for few minutes...

where is my genie?

genie, or ferrari?

super super cute!

the bodyguard - male


camel walking on the shelves instead of at the deserts

Aladdin....Aladdin lamps
me saying hello to you here!thanks!

hello hello...hello~!


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