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Proper natural healthy way of lifestyle

Proper natural healthy way of lifestyle 

I found back my articles about diet and health when I worked as a personal trainer at Fitness first, these are the few most interesting facts I found:

Facts for Food:

1. By not eating regularly throughout the whole day, you would risk disrupting your blood sugar and insulin levels which will promote fat storage and lower your metabolism which ultimately leads to weight gain, consume healthy snacks every four hours and never starve yourself.

obesity and unhealthy are among the children too

2. Unless it is whole grain, only the bread will consider as healthy, else it might just not be the healthiest bread around.  

carbohydrate starches or grains more?

3. Many people think fruit juices are good. Fruit juices are concentrated sources of sugar that do not provide same nutrients from whole fruits.

healthy? think again...

4. Do not assume the product is healthy based on the fact or it put it names that sound healthy, read the label!

5. Counting calories is not the way it is to maintain a healthy diet. What you should be watching out is how the way the food was cooked: go for steamed, boiled, double boiled, baked, or light fried. Food that kills your health are, food which are fried, deep fried, and the more flavorings’ it was, you have already what cause the killing of health , right?

6. More water, vegetables, fiber, grains, proteins (white meat like fish or chicken) must be included into your daily food intake.

7. Cut down on carbohydrates, giving an excuse, saying that we have no energy so we must eat more carbo is not a good way of such thought.

8. Less red meats, seafood, egg yolks, salty food, rice, starches, canned food, instant noodles

Facts for Health:

1. Nutrition is not all about food, is more about how your body utilizes the food. This is when exercise comes in to play important part to maintain high metabolic rate to burn consumed food effectively. Try to fit in exercise regime in your time. If you miss out one session, find some time to do a little exercise still. Avoid doubling your exercise session due to one missed session.

2. Medical checkup every year is needed to understand your body better. You do not want end up realized you have disease or a serious illness, and was informed a short period to live on. Practice a habit to be cautious. Remember one thing: what you eat now will refer you to the next 30 years of the condition of your health.

3. Supplement for body is needed as for replacement of what we losses. Bear in mind, many people say no to supplements because they thought they are eating healthy food and their bodies are absorbing what they ate, it is not true. It is either absorbs part of what you ate, or it will wash off to the toilet bowl. But then, not everyone can digest one supplement if they are too concentrated and not every supplement works for your body. You need to try and observe the difference to see whether the supplement works on you or not.

(I am eating this supplement and it is effective for me, being gaining a better healthy lifestyle. If you want, I can get you member price since I am buying it also.)

More info:

Facts on Exercises and sports:

1. Stretching is extremely important for our body, despite doing it every day, it is essential to do it before and after exercise. Failure to do so will end up chances of getting stroke or muscle cramp easily.

2. Delaying day by day will not help you, create discipline, plan, motivate are the keys to achieve your lifestyle, least a better one.

3. Sorry to say, slimming centre is a short cut for slimmer body, but it will not fully help you for a healthy lifestyle or giving you a firmer muscle, because you are being treated only from the outside of your body. Exercise and healthy food are still the two best buddies for a better you.

4. As for female or woman, you better be more self cautious with your body and find ways to maintain it. If you are facing discharge odour, imbalance hormone, irregular period, or you feel some hardness at your breast parts, these are few signs to show your body is not doing well. Do more research to get rid all these problems.

· Discharge problem:

· Imbalance hormone topics:

5. Many guys or male might not know this: if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will end up having two worst things that you might not want it to be fall on you: HAIR LOSS & ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION and the scheme to guarantee you to solve this problem when you have such problem might not be working for everyone. The earlier you stay healthy, and quit smoke, drink and stop taking Viagra pills (temporary effect); the better your body will work for you.

· Hair loss:

· Erectile dysfunction:

6. Understand your workout and be safe in it. Copying what others people do might be very dangerous, especially when you workout at a gym. Get a personal trainer to seek more info and guidance, it is not expensive, as you gain knowledge to train yourself, and trainer are to be near you to give you a good discipline.

2007 -2009 I was a trainer at Fitness First

7. Proteins are actually ideal if you are aiming to get faster results with bigger firmer body, but please say no to steroids or illegal drugs. As again, not every proteins recommended are suitable for your body, as different body works differently.

Jon Jonsson


Therefore, folks, natural way with pateince is thebest way to enjoy our life. 

Health is wealth!


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