Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where are Justice and Safety at Malaysia?

Now, this video tells you Malaysia's security is way too - INSECURE.

And now the question is: what happen to the security nowadays?

Based on the statistic, total crimes happened at Malaysia are 167,173 cases, where Malaysia stands the place of 32nd of 50 countries in the world.

More crime statistic at:-

Wonder why crime rate in Singapore is one of the lowest in the world, despite Singapore is just our neighhood country? It is all about the way things to be handled.

If government is strongly recommend tourism as in an effort to enhance the beauty of Malaysia, security must be under control too. The point is:

Is it being controlled? or the freedom and right have been wrongly used and abused?

Even for bribes, Malaysia was positioned at  15th out of 19 countries in the world.

As to protect yourself, for your own safety, it is pointless talking or dealing or negotiating with all the criminals as they are normally drugged and they do not even care as long as they get the money, the expensive things, and try to hurt you even yes or no they did get a thing.

So, what is the best way? Run, but in certain situation, you cannot run, try bring something which is sharp by your side:- a small knife, blade to be attached to your key-chain or car key, this is for self defense or just in case of emergency.

Someone told me if there are burglars going into the house, you just need to press your car alarm, so the neighbourhood will alert of the alarm and come to rescue. Or call for mercy! shout!

Now, question yourself back:

Are you sure they really can save you? by the time they arrive, the robbers might have hurt you in such a short time, so what would you do?

Call for police. Keep something sharp in your room just in case or when you heard some noise outside of the house.

Do you have other opinions or suggestion then?


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