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Namewee send a patriotism message through Nasi Lemak 2.0 at Malaysia

Namewee send a patriotism message through Nasi Lemak 2.0 at Malaysia

Two years of hard work and patience, make this movie another different recipe of local movie. Once again, another new born movie and this time, many new and experienced actors came to take part in this very interesting movie.

this time, as spoken by words of mouth from any local people, Namewee had first directed and being first time actor at his very own first movie:- Nasi Lemak 2.0

You can have a look at the preview more or less to know the main moral values tend to be portrayed out through this movie.

It has been a rough tough road for Mr. Namewee, who has been sending out strong messages to Malaysian about staying united, and not blaming each other or being racist all the while.

Satu Malaysia, when will it be that day?

For those who want to know who Namewee is, he is one of our Malaysia favorite youngsters with a heart of dare to speak out of his own mind and thoughts. Please check him out at:-

Be it the Medias who told Malaysian, they have no choice but to write what needed by the government; be it the radio channels that have been sending so many messages of staying united; but my point is: was it conveyed? Was it the truth the media had written? Was it a fear or a must?

Ever wonder why all of us still not united or being talking bad about other different races, but always think that you own race is right? This perception was always wrong.

In a world, we should not be being judged by races, but by how one brings up yourself.

Honestly, I do have some Malays and Indians’ friends who are extremely close to catch up with; but there is also some Chinese friends whom I cannot click or get along. So, it is not about the color of the skin, it is about one personal behavior and attitudes, and their mindsets who have been negative towards other races, time to change your thoughts, because people will not respect you if you think that way.

Now here are some movie trailers for you to trail and be thrilled, with something to laugh about. For your information, the movie tickets are selling like hot cakes over here!

Part1/3 The Making of Nasi Lemak 2.0 辣死你媽 花絮

Part2/3 The Making of Nasi Lemak 2.0 辣死你媽 花絮

Part3/3 The Making of Nasi Lemak 2.0 辣死你媽 花絮

So, people, words to be valued:

1. Action speaks better than words.

2. Care and concern better than talking crap and being selfish.

3. Fight back better than scared of being threaten or killed by the one who think they have power to take over the country.

4. Rather die with dignity better than fear of death.

5. Respect people better than discriminate people.

6. Speak out better than fear in silence.

7. Speak the truth rather than hide behind the mask and tell lies.

8. Stay together as a team better than working alone till sorrow.

9. Stay united better than only think of your own business and stay with your comfort zone.

Say no to Racism


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