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Cure for Knee Pain

Cure for Knee Pain

There are many people start to have joint pain nowadays, even the young ones start to face the problem, most probably due to lack of notice or knowledge in protecting the joint pain, this does not happen to old people only, it happens to any person at any ages. Hence, this is my story, and I would love to share with you.

Few years back, I faced knee problem and the pain was really killing me. What doctor will tell you is persuading you to go for ‘minor’ operation, but how sure the operation helps you? My advice, if you have joint problem, please choose operation as the last choice and not the first one.

I will encourage the natural way still:

· Diet.

· Find out exactly which part of the bone and which muscle to strengthen it.

· Lots of stretching. The reason is the position of your joint was different, find out which muscle need to be stretched to readjust the position.

· Patience. The pain do not come to you suddenly, it might be accumulated some time back due to sitting position, or extreme sports, or other reasons, so please take time to take care of your joint problem.

· Physiotherapy. They will help you and if can, try7 to learn some exercises which they taught you to.

· Supplement – glucosamine, sorry to say there is no life permanent cure for joint pain, as the joint pain might be following you for life, but least you reduce the pain.

· Workout to make the muscle part stronger to firm the position of the bone, but try not do any press exercise, and please do not stress much on the pain area.

· X-ray, consult the doctor just to seek advice, but not fall for operation first.

This blog is concerning for people who have knee pain.

Exercises that Help Decrease Knee Pain

Muscle up your leg muscles. To strengthen the quadriceps, the thigh muscles that hold your knees in place, start with straight leg raises. Lie on your back with your right knee straight and your right foot angled about 20 degrees toward the outside. To keep your spine in a neutral position, you can place a rolled-up towel under the small of your back. Keeping the foot angled, slowly lift your leg a few inches off the floor. Hold your leg in place for a count of three and then lower it. Repeat with the left leg.

This exercise should be repeated about 50 times. It is one of the best quadriceps strengtheners around.

Work your hamstrings. To rehabilitate an injured knee, it is essential to build up strength in the hamstring muscles on the back of the thigh.

Lose some weight. Every time you run or walk, the force of your feet hitting the ground is felt in your knees. For someone who is 30 pounds overweight that is a substantial increase in the force placed on the joint. Less weight on your frame simply means less damage with each step.

If you're using a stair climber take very short steps. You do not want to bend your knee excessively. This reduces the stress on the knee joints.

More info at:-

The correct shoes to reduce knee pain

Keep your knees in mind when you go shopping for shows. If you have kneecap-related pain, there's a good chance that you're a pronator someone whose foot turns toward the inside with every step. When you examine your shoes, notice whether your right shoe is caved to the left or your left shoe is caved to the right.

When shoes are worn down this way, it is a sure sign that you are a pronator Ask for a stable shoe when you are buying running or walking shoes.

Recommended Diet

· Fresh and light diet, consume food immediately when it is cooked & warm (avoid stale and cold food)

· Wheat bread / brown bread, boiled vegetables, green vegetables, rice cooked with green gram

· Garlic, spinach, dates, fenugreek

· Avoid food which has wind

· All fruits except bananas, mangos, grapes, glutinous rice

· Eat lunch by 12 noon & dinner before 7 pm

· Fasting once a week, eat fruits during the fast but avoid any other food rich in calories

More diet info:-

These are the recommended information and articles, yet still, it also depends how serious the pain it is, but I still hope there is chance to cure it by yourself instead of rely on operation.


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