Friday, August 12, 2011

Spanish Cuisine at La Bodega Tapas Bar

nice food decoration after all
8th August 2011 – the number of 8 + 8 + 2011 was a good number indeed, I went to my first trial belly dance classes, and went back to change into my long black top , shorts, and my white high heels, and poof! I opened the car’s door and glued my butt into the chair. “Aren’t we supposed going to night market?” “What? I thought we are going to Bangsar? No way we are going to night market, I am wearing high heels.” 


Yes, same crazy misunderstanding happened again. 

So this time, we went to La Bodega at Bangsar. La Bodega Tapas Bar is a great spot for you to have some good food with small portion yet you get to taste most of them with a moderate price. With the seduction of sangria, delicious tapas, comforting paella, and Spanish wines, and with the Spanish concept, by eating out at the bar. Volla, what a feeling!

La Bodega
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When I flipped open the menu, my eyes almost dropped. So many things to eat, and so specific names for each food, and so many details!   

soup soup

Lucky me, I had an executive chef by my side to settle the ordering; else I will be spending hours figuring out what to eat.

mushrooms and eggplants

The atmosphere was a blast, and there was a few customers chilling out by the bar, talking about their life and work, some came for a small gathering, and I saw some hot chicks. Oops, I mean, pretty girls.

So, we had a wonderful late dinner with all the good food and with good service from the staff. We ordered soup, eggplants, thick gravy button mushrooms, prawns, a big seafood paella, with some nice beers and red wine, and the feeling is like… needless to say, the pictures of food makes you hungry already, isn’t it?

delicious tiramisu

And at last, Ms Deborah could never ever miss this; she can eat this every day, every minute, or every second - the Tiramisu. You give her Tiramisu; she will jump for joy and said mamma mia! And within seconds, the Tiramisu cake will just disappear in front of your eyes, because she had finished it by then!


Cheers with Harry Potter!

One meaningful Monday night, finally, I have some time to rest, I do miss my students, but I really need some time off, some time alone to do some sweet things sound good? No, it doesn’t sound, it is good!


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