Friday, December 19, 2008

happy dong zhi, merry xmas and happy new 2009!!!

To all,

Hi, Jessica here..

i would like to wish all of you merry xmas and happy new year. May all your 2008 revolution came true and achieved, but if it doesn't, it is ok,

U may try to achieve it by 2009!! Never try, never know

I would like to thank all of my net frens, and those who know me in person, for supporting me and add me as a true friend. Thanks for making this website alive too!!

Btw, any plans for year 2009? Any special wishes or goals?

I plan to get a hse, hmm..learn to drive(lolz), yea, i dunno how to drive...

What else? After learning to drive, try to learn belly dancing?
It is hard to get it at puchong, sniff sniff

Learn to know more financial things. Keep on learning...
Yup, that’s it!!

How bout u guys?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

financial planning

The proposal below is my research and my personal advices

Financial planning:-

.Clear debts

.save money

.Risk management

.Create money and make it more valuable

The financial planning process is defined by the CFP Board involves the following five key steps:

· SPECIFY - Gathering client data, including goals

· MEASURABLE - Analyzing and evaluating your financial status

· ACTION - Developing and presenting financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives

· REALISTIC -Implementing the financial planning recommendation

· TIMELINE - Monitoring the financial planning recommendations

Plan financially in an early stage to secure you and protect yourself.
Preserve and protect your financial needs.

refered ARTICLES:



Friday, September 19, 2008

my 23rd birthday

19/09/2008 – argh, finally trying to write down a great blog..oh my god, now only I can open my blog for writing..let see what I have in my memories this past few days…hmmm, lecture of words from my bf , and my clients…I always ask too much opinion, till I dun hv one for myself. Even in buying things, I have to ask others opinion. And when they help me to sort it out or decide for me, I have doubts or I might disagree and then I suddenly disagree…anyone can tell me what is my problem? I not good in making a final decision, and that goes to my career too. Ok, ok, trying to, trying to decide..bein influenced too much…

Well, on 13/09/2008, it was my b’day I travel back to tanjung malim. It is between Selangor and Perak state. It is famous with it pau and “chi kek mai” (pepper mee hoon soup)..i heard so far no one had succeed in creating exactly the same recipe that the family did..amazing!!!
I worked in the morning at FF to train ppl, nothing special..jus complaining to my bf, he owe me a gift. I always call him to prepare a gift for a special ones, dun buy it last minute. It is because during our one year anniversary, I prepared and he didn’t. (sniff sniff).

We bought a cake at secret recipe at IOI mall, puchong, and headed back to Tanjung Malim. This is when I start to grow fat whenever I went back his hometown. We had a lunch cum dinner and we ate as if we haven’t been eating for years. after eating, I felt sleepy, tat is when lazy ppl sleep..i took a nap for an hour, wake up, and looked for my bf’s sister for chatting.

Haha, finally it reached night. We took our supper at Easy Café (this place is good, nice, cooling, and it has Wifi ), it is not easy to get Wifi at such a small town. Total expenses of the supper are RM 90, with up to 10 ppl and above. We went back home, here we go!!!

My cake..Yea…they sang b’day songs in eng, BM, and mandarin. By the time they finish the song, the candles were starting to melt. I closed my eyes, blew the candle. Suddenly, I saw a gift next to the cake..surprisingly, I was stupid enuf not knowing who gave it to me. (supposingly it was my bf).so they said it is given by my bf’s mom. I almost hugged and thanked her when she looked back at me with weird looks. My thoughts “hey, it was not me la!!” ok, the only they hinted me it is a prince, but after that they joked that everyone admitted they are the one who give me the gift, and called me to hug. Ok la, finally, I knew. I thanked my bf..he was just smiling, and I was regret for demanding him for gift..poor him..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

my busy life

Hi, I am considered new at these, so please don’t bully me
I miss you all so much!!!!
Hmm, is there any way to post personal life at blog??oh well…
How r u all?wish u hv a great day..
Jus wanna update u my life
But if u feel boring, I m so sorry ya

These two months has been hectic for me, when I am start involving myself in housing loan. I had learn a lot but all (half bucket water) means still a baby learning process

When I learn housing loan, I hv2learn insurance too.. so in a way, I hate insurance last time frankly speaking, but after joining it, I realize it’s the agent frm the insurance who cause misunderstanding for the policy holder..
The best way is to educate the clients or users bout insurance..u may buy when u feel it is necessity but at least a medical card will be fine , as it can save u from donating all ur money to the doc for operation or admission at the hospital purpose.

As they said,” when u have it, u dun appreciate it but when u need it, u can’t have it”

Any comments?
How ur life, all of ya?

If u need any financial planning advise, pls msg me or chat with me at at msn

Jessica ong