Thursday, August 28, 2008

my busy life

Hi, I am considered new at these, so please don’t bully me
I miss you all so much!!!!
Hmm, is there any way to post personal life at blog??oh well…
How r u all?wish u hv a great day..
Jus wanna update u my life
But if u feel boring, I m so sorry ya

These two months has been hectic for me, when I am start involving myself in housing loan. I had learn a lot but all (half bucket water) means still a baby learning process

When I learn housing loan, I hv2learn insurance too.. so in a way, I hate insurance last time frankly speaking, but after joining it, I realize it’s the agent frm the insurance who cause misunderstanding for the policy holder..
The best way is to educate the clients or users bout insurance..u may buy when u feel it is necessity but at least a medical card will be fine , as it can save u from donating all ur money to the doc for operation or admission at the hospital purpose.

As they said,” when u have it, u dun appreciate it but when u need it, u can’t have it”

Any comments?
How ur life, all of ya?

If u need any financial planning advise, pls msg me or chat with me at at msn

Jessica ong
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