Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Memorie cafe at midfield square sungai besi - pastry, egg tarts, cakes, kid play area

6/11/2017 - Recommend by mommies, else for knows how to find this kid friendly cafe, memorie at midfield square that has been operated for one year. lady boss opens a kid friendly cafe next to her interior design office, hoping reaching out to more like minded crowd - those who are into design, cozy cafe serves top quality pastry, family crowd. 

Shy staff for 6 tables for the whole cafe. A mix feeling of their food. 

First, you definitely come for their coffee both local and western coffee, then aim for their pastry and dessert, some contains alcohol, written clearly.

They also bring in many other food supplier, for eg: the Portuguese egg tarts, sandwich easy by Tommy Le baker, and ice-cream. 

Setup: modern interior design with innovative design concepts, all furniture and deco display are for sale. Very comfortable home appeal. And upon arrival, you thought how a tiny space kinda cafe gonna make you comfortable. Memorie will prove you that they can make you a home feel, spacious walkway, and the whole casual relaxing atmosphere, just like how you chill at home.

Unfortunately lots of house special are sold out when we come here for dinner.

What we order: 

1.Hot chocolate, macha green tea latte (recommend)
2.Wild mushroom soup 

3.Mocha rum chocolate cake (alcohol sugar rush!) recommended!

4 Spaghetti carbonara with cheese turkey bacon (but we weren't informed that it was linguini n not spaghetti) 

5.Mozzarella cheddar cheese pizza (moderate, and it came late when we finished most of our food)
6.Special fresh fruit juice tropical explosion - passion fruit, Apple 

7.Marinated grilled and fried chicken chop (the grilled version was good at the outside, but we couldn't taste much more when we eat the flesh) Hmm...if you ask me the serving portion is fine, but the plate seems a little too small to hold all food items.

8.Portuguese egg tart (fluffy and fresh aromatic of the eggs, super love this...recommended!)

9.Lemon angel chiffon (satisfied with the cheesy topping and high layer of sponge chiffon)

Kids area - bit dissapointed as the toys are into incomplete pieces as you can see on the floor, short attention for kids to enjoy.

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