Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Chinese sweet dessert at Restoran ruby

30/10/2017 - Sis says this is a famous local tong sui in town..restaurant ruby with all the red and yellow signs of Chinese words...old school decorated with lion dance props. It's written delicious guaranteed, or else your money will be refunded. And then, Malaysia top Chinese desserts, such as: black sesame, almond, peanut, walnut paste and then steamed sweet egg. Written recipes by the family generation. Lol, the best is written 吃糊,吃晒,赢晒!OK, next time before I play mahjong, I will come to try their dessert paste first. You are right, they grind all the sweet dessert paste using the traditional wood grinder by hand... High five, not starchy, blend well enough. Are they really Malaysia top black sesame dessert paste? Unfortunately we pack all the sweet dessert and we didn't manage to take any dessert photo. Best is to enjoy at the coffee shop!

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