Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Self cook confinement food and Chinese beliefs about newborn

19 Jan 2017 - When you have the second baby, and you have self learnt to be independent on direct feed the baby, you don't feel much the need of a live-in confinement lady. Basically I would just need someone to come to cook my two meals, bathe the newborn, and that's it.

28 days after the confinement lady left the home, it is a belief that we should nourish ourselves, by cooking more confinement food for another 15 days, which brings a total of 45 days of confinement food for self-nourishing own body.

However, there are soe good old says I learnt from the conversation I shared with my confinement lady:

  • Don't stand while drinking or eating, or else you will have a weak uterus. 
  • Get free injection from government clinic like KKIA - Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak.
  • Upon full moon, it is a chinese belief that the grandmother (daughter's mom) should buy a set of new clothes for the newborn baby.

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Some photos below to show you that I can cook, alas, just referring to the recipe book, haha!

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