Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Post natal traditional malay massage

Jan 2017 - After my second delivery, I aim for a better traditional urut massage. In Malaysia, the real kakak urut would probably the local malays staying the village, and also the Indonesians. I had a super terrible bad experience back then 2014. The indonesian was like an uncivilised rude people and cutting off a lot of the postnatal massage method.

Back then, Chinese do not really do traditional massage, since many mommies can feel the difference between using a post-natal traditional massage service, it has been a trend. my confinement lady found this Kakak yati pretty good and boy, it is so darn cheap, no package and not pushy at all.

So what does a traditional post-natal massage consist of? This is what I get from Kakak Yati.
  1. Using hot stone to do Hot Stone Therapy (Bertungku) to expel the wind from our body.

  2. home made virgin coconut oil for massage.
  3. combining a mint and some herbs applying on the stomach to expel the wind, before wrapping kain bengkung.
  4. steaming method after few rounds of the traditional massage. This was epic. What she will do is wrap me up, get a super hot water in a bucket, place a chair with the hot water bucket under the chair, and I wrap myself with sarong/ big towel, and I start to do steaming, similar to sauna/ steam session in those spa. LOL.
  5. Kakak yati even offer baby massage, I was like, what?! A courtesy fee of RM15 for 15 minutes, some simple spa herb, and heat up using the iron next to her as you can see.

And then she asks me to buy those kain bengkung for Abdominal Binding (Berbengkung). I was like, for what should I buy? Then she explains that you need to tie up or girdle the kain bengkung at your waist, stomach and the buttock part with kain bengkung, not only to support the uterus in a better position, but also you can slim down faster! I was like, no wonder all the malays looks so slim after they deliver their babies! She told me not to buy those stretchable rubber type as it is less effective, turn out she purposely tailor made a standard L size kain bengkung for me, and tie me so tight like a lacing shoestring or the European stay-lacing to achieve the body silhouette? Ya, it was like, I have to stick on the kain bengkung for like 5-7 hours? Can't recall. almost out of breath, and then that's when the confinement lady asks me to faster eat my meal. I was like, prison break, by removing the kain bengkung to eat like a beast, haha!

However, these are the reasons why most of the mommies aim for traditional post natal malay massage:
  • To lift the womb and keep it from sagging. Traditional post natal massage is more for natural vagina birthing, where you can get the a post natal traditional massage immediately after days after your newborn or when you are resting at home. I think for those who are aiming for C-sec, you need to wait for more than 1 week, and most of the masseur will not touch the wounded part, as it worries it will affect the wound.
  • To hasten the shrinkage of the enlarged Uterus - Now this, it is the most important point. Kakak Yati has a check and screening as she massages my uterus and she says: "boy oh boy, your uterus is not in a good strong position. Mentioned that, now I remember, I always tend to have a small pee rush as I sneeze, but didn't realize that turn out it is my uterus is weak and not it is 'sagging'. Not ideal for make love session too, as you might feel pain as you have an intimate session with your partner. 
Therefore, it is recommended to do the Malay massage to shrink the uterus and push it back to its pre-pregnancy position.

Gonna out kakak yati number here, she stays at serdang/ kajang, but she speaks very good english, and have 8 kids, @@

she runs around using her familiarisation within the city road, because she doesnt use Waze, using a normal handphone, and not smartphone.

Try to call her, sometimes she is too busy to attend to SMS. No, she doesn't have whatsapp at the moment.

Yati 019-3479087

What i like is she is flexible, free and easy. no need to sign any package and her price is probably RM60 for 2 hours? as per 2017! so cheap right?

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