Friday, December 9, 2016

Spectacular Swiss Dream Circus 2015 (Malaysia Tour)

14 June 2015- Well, since when is the last time you get to see a real circus show in Malaysia? I couldn't remember if there's any during my childhood times. I would say none, it could be not popular, or it is too expensive for a child to watch a circus.

Luckily, we start to have more interesting international events coming to Malaysia. I start to see many people share and talk about Swiss Dream Circus. Perhaps a reason to fulfil my childhood dreams, or be it the first time experience in watching a circus show.

I would say I am pretty impressed by the exterior and the interior design of the whole circus.

You will able to grab some snacks, popcorn, drinks upon entrance, as well as being greeted by the well-dressed and friendly staffs.

The specially designed authentic circus tent look amazed from the outside. Upon stepping in, you couldn't imagine how big and spacious the ring was, as in giving you the perfect circus atmosphere,as if this is really a circus to make your dreams come true. All seats are well organised, giving you every angle and obvious view as a spectator.

Three of us waiting for the circus to start. Well, obviously my boy doesn't know what is going on.

Performers from Swiss Dream Circus 2015 are the funny clumsy clown Andre, Los Ortiz and the Colombian Wheel of Death, Ukrainian Jump Rope superstars Double Dutch and Cirque du Soleil favourites, Icarian Games Aleshin Brothers and Aerial Act Ekaterina Shustova.

Here is clown Andre. He is not the usual active funny clown, but act as the clumsy one.

Well, as I want to have some video moments as memory, here are some of the cool stunts by the circus acrobats and performers:


The best part is you get to meet them in person after the show, and also seek for their autographs!
Turned out they engage different circus team every year, we gonna miss you!

There was a message from the Ismail Stork & Marco Baumgartner (Founders of Swiss Dream Circus): "Swiss Dream Circus, together with our partners Le Tresor Legacy Ventures Sdn. Bhd had been doing the circus tour in the year of 2014 and 2015 successfully. Unfortunately, year 2016 wasn't ideal for Big Top to perform at Malaysia."

No worries, we have faith and hope with you. Swiss Dream Circus has been always amazing! It is not easy to capture the public attention nowadays, be it appreciating the hardwork of acrobats or performers. It feels real good to chase after my childhood circus dream, well, we only live once!

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