Friday, December 9, 2016

Restoran New Lian Hin - chicken rice, bbq pork, crispy pork

26 June 2016 - I was on the way to Kuchai Lama to visit my dear friend, JL, who has just delivered her sweet little baby girl. Passed by this restaurant named as 'New Lian Hin', couldn't help but notice such a long queue waiting to order their food, the queue has even surpassed their shop entrance.

After our visitation, we turned back and wow, the queue is still there! With the naked white cold cut chickens 'hanging out' at the stalls, well, we all know this is gonna be the different Ipoh white chicken rice shop.

I am so happy that the locals Chinese, or I should say, this is the family business it seems. Seeing the fat uncle chopping chicken non-stop, bet he is getting his bicep curl exercise everyday, haha!

Well, as you can see from the wall, there are pictures of different kinds of sweet desserts soup as well

Newcomers, so I ask the waiter: "What's your signature?"

So this is what he recommends:

Thick gravy curry chicken noodles. The usual ingredients again - tofu pok, white chicken pieces (not slices), long beans, your preferred noodles, all swimming in the bowl of curry soup. I would say this is aromatic and good to go.

Ordered a bit of bbq pork, and crispy pork - in Cantonese, we name both as char siew and siew yuk. See how nice it was, the taste is good as its appeal. I would say the sifu who roast the sweet bbq pork and the crispy pork is a master of both.

The typical coldcut chicken rice style, but how did they able to do such a soft tender chicken meat? Really salute them.

Finally, you do not need to travel to Ipoh for chicken rice. Just come over at Restoran New Lian Hin, the Ipoh Chicken Rice.

Why is there a 'new' word in the signboard? I have no idea.


New Lian Hin (Ipoh Chicken Rice)
Address: 88, Jalan Rukun 2, Taman Continental, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 19-663 7854
Open daily, Mon - Sun, 6am - 9pm
Google Map:
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