Friday, December 9, 2016

Kadir Tomyam at Ampang Jaya - Real Nice Tomyam

10 June 2016 - I was craving for nice Malay tomyam food, and start asking in the Ampang Facebook Group, where to get nice malay tomyam. When it comes to tomyam, it has to be the Malay style. One of the locals recommends me to Kadir Tomyam stall, located near to Petronas and Mc'd at Ampang Jaya.

Located almost at the end of the stalls.

My favourite must-order food when I have my meal at malay stall - seafood tomyam, deep fried egg (telur dadar), was thinking to give a sour asam boi drink a try too.

I would say, their tomyam soup is really pretty good, given the taste of sour, spicy, with a mix of seafood and chicken that I have chosen. How to make a simple Thai tomyam soup? Add stock, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, chili padi, fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, and chili paste to a pot and bring to a boil for 5 minutes. Add shrimps or your desired meat and mushrooms, boil another 10 minutes. There you go, get yourself a nice tom yam. Or else, just come to Kadir and the malay lady will cook a nice pot of tomyam for you.

See how awesome and spicy of the belacan! Grab some cucumber and long bean, dip into the belacan as a starter,

23 March 2015 - Ah ha, I was at the same place exactly 1 year ago.

That time, my baby is my only victim aka gang who would not say no to me when it comes to meal time. Well, he has no choice also, haha!

See? I told you, tomyam and telur dadar is a must for me. I am not a rice lover, so I try their fried keoy teow. I am so surpirsed that they manage to cook a 'wet' yet delicious fried keoy teow. Most of the malay fried noodles style will be either tasteless, too oily, and not up to the standard.

I am really surprised that their fried noodles are really good.

My complete malay thai tomyam meal...yummy! Well, I don't think that my boy eat anything as per above, since all are spicy spicy stuff. The teh tarik was too sweet.

My food review: Definitely enjoy their signature Kadir thai tomyam. Others food are pretty delicious to enjoy at such a small hidden stall.


Kadir Tom Yam
Medan Selera Bunga Tanjung(Ampang Jaya), 68000 Ampang, Selangor
Landmark: the malay stalls located just next to Petronas and Mc'd at Ampang Jaya
Petronas Ampang Jaya Google Map:
(Easier for you to locate Kadir Tomyam)

Open daily, starting from 6pm onwards till midnight

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