Monday, October 31, 2016

May Mey Gourmet Seafood Restaurant, Kuala Ampang

9 July 2016 - Since Mei Keng Fatt and all other seafood chinese restaurant just located at the same area, I gonna give a try on May Mey Gourmet Seafood Restaurant in Kuala Ampang. What we do normally is, we would prefer for the restaurant manager to recommend their signature dishes.

Their signature deep fried beancurd with lots of meats, dried shrimps and shallots as topping. For me, it is just a normal fried beancurd though.

Next, we ordered steamed fish, the typical chinese way, purely steam and add on soy sauce. Turned out the flesh was not fresh. Disappointed. And funny enough, the manager ordered the fish wrongly for us, and we refuse to take the first fish that they cooked for us. End up they have to cook the 2nd fish type for us. Luckily, they charge us only the 2nd fish price.

Ordered a claypot meat with dried chillis. This was good to go.


But my overall foodie experience was bad and disappointing though. I would recommend you to go to SKH riverview instead, as Mei Geng Fatt now is super expensive among the local says, the restaurant located at the opposite, Beng Kee  is not good to go as well.



Add:  No 2 lorong Awan 6,Kuala Ampang, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 03-4252 3212
Google Map:

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