Monday, October 31, 2016

May Mey Gourmet Seafood Restaurant, Kuala Ampang

9 July 2016 - Since Mei Keng Fatt and all other seafood chinese restaurant just located at the same area, I gonna give a try on May Mey Gourmet Seafood Restaurant in Kuala Ampang. What we do normally is, we would prefer for the restaurant manager to recommend their signature dishes.

Their signature deep fried beancurd with lots of meats, dried shrimps and shallots as topping. For me, it is just a normal fried beancurd though.

Next, we ordered steamed fish, the typical chinese way, purely steam and add on soy sauce. Turned out the flesh was not fresh. Disappointed. And funny enough, the manager ordered the fish wrongly for us, and we refuse to take the first fish that they cooked for us. End up they have to cook the 2nd fish type for us. Luckily, they charge us only the 2nd fish price.

Ordered a claypot meat with dried chillis. This was good to go.


But my overall foodie experience was bad and disappointing though. I would recommend you to go to SKH riverview instead, as Mei Geng Fatt now is super expensive among the local says, the restaurant located at the opposite, Beng Kee  is not good to go as well.



Add:  No 2 lorong Awan 6,Kuala Ampang, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 03-4252 3212
Google Map:

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lobbee Thai Connection, Publika - Tomyum River Prawn and Tomyum Lobster

13 July 2016 - Teehee, time for tomyum gong again! Well, what do we have this time round? I went to Lobbee in Publika for a meeting with Alex and Derek. Although I noticed most of the waiters are foreign workers, it is good to know that the chef and his wife are from Thailand, at least those who put their hands in the cooking are the real chef!

Iced tea with lychee RM 9 - Sweet and refreshing, adding a simple restaurant set up is all you need actually. However, I kinda miss the Thailand milk tea.

Lobbee Thai Connection serves you simple Thai ala-carte food till kingdom lobsters tomyum...

I dare not take up the tomyum lobster, hence I took the tomyum noodles with water river prawn priced at RM 19. Authentic taste of the tomyum soup. Started off sweet, then sour and then spicy.

I was like, seeing two big prawns asking you to use fingers to remove the shell, then enjoying Thailand thin keoy teow, mushrooms, half hard boiled eggs. Well, they offer differents type of noodles for you to choose, but for me, since pad thai, the thin keoy teow is the classic Thailand noodles, I would prefer the thin keoy teow to go along with this lovely spicy tomyum soup.

All tomyum herbs and spices are chopped finely into this big bowl of tomyum soup. Couldn't drink up the whole bowl of tomyum, those last remaining soup was so spicy making my stomach burning, and i end up having sore throat pain the next day.


My Foodie Experience: Finally I was defeated by the real Thai Tomyum noodles...Get ready to sweat too! Such a refreshing, compelling, aromatic, spicy tomyum experience! Oh ya, you gonna try their tomyum lobster and tomyum tiger prawn!


Lobbee Thai Connection, Publika

Add: D2-G3-3A Solaris Dutamas (Publika), No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 KL.


Tel: 03-6412 8669
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm, everyday



ClosetStyles Bazaar 2016

16 July 2016 - I missed out their ClosetStyles bazaar last year, and this year, I was curious to have a look what's Closet Styles was about. To those who are new to ClosetStyles, here are their definition on About Us: "ClosetStyles is a mobile marketplace helping women across Malaysia and Singapore to clear their closets and turn them into cash. Sell your preloved fashion which is just sitting in your closet now!"

Basically, the founder, Fong Kam Ling, started ClosetStyles with a very smart move. Instead of the general second-hand marketplace app, she focuses on only the social media influencers and celebrities in Singapore and Malaysia, building up the traffic among the fans who wish to get to buy their idol's clothes, shoes, or any women fashion goodies. If you are not a crazy fan over online social media influencers or celebrities, perhaps you enjoy to shop branded preloved fashion goods with a more affordable price obtained. Now, I am pretty sure most influencers and celebrities will not post fake products to sell online, as this will affect their reputation as well.

Well, event always make people alive and more interaction, besides on the typical online startups/ platform. Finally, instead of admiring the social media influencers online or via ClosetStyles app, finally you get to meet them in person, as you got to meet & greet your favourite celebs and bloggers in the bazaar, Tropicana City Mall, 16-17 July 2016, 12-6pm.

Upon arrival, there is a casual fashion/beauty workshops and talks by the social media influencers.

I am one of the followers of Jennifer Foh via Instagram, and got to know that she was famous due to she was Miss Chinese Cosmos International 2011 1st runner-up. She is more active in her instagram: with 64k followers at the moment.

This photo shows how 'neat' and tidy each booth or section where the celebs or influences display their items. Now, bear in mind, not all the social media influencers and celebrities appear on that day, although they do display their fashion and beauty items in the bazaar.

Among of all booths, Duogigs impressed me the most. The way the twins coordinate their stuff, simple yet neat. Easy to notice and you will never miss out their items from your sight.

Duo Gigs is a fashion website run by real twins Cherrie Mun and Evangeline Yan since 2011. The Duo wears many hats as digital influencers, models, stylists, fashion buyers and joint editors of - a blog where they indulge their passion for fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle and creative inspirations. Well, not to mentioned they have high profile with high fashion brands, such as: Coach, DKNY, Michael Kors, Moschino and many more.

Super duper love their fashion website, just like their styles, clean and navigation-friendly:

Well, you can't get unnoticed when you see the cheerful Arisa Chow with her colorful hair -

Petite as she is, she was promoting hair, beauty products, as well as selling her preloved clothes. Some of her costumes are very lovely too....well, just that I am so unfit for all her clothes!

Met Fiqa Liyana Chong, the founder of I like her way to describe the shoes fundamental - Comfy Foldable Leather Footwear. Straight to the point it was like, meant for travellers, it saves lots of space since the pair of footwear is foldable, made of genuine leather.

Well, to cut the queue for you to search on, perhaps this visual will just remind you that if you need fiqs footwear:

Fiqa Liyana also created another funky platform, Nini was all smiling promoting the funky box. Now, how does funky box work? Subscribe to their funky box on monthly subscription fees, and you will receive Funky! goodies every month via the FUNKY!BOX. What funky items will you get basically? Ranging from arts and crafts, DIY kits, décor, handmade items, beauty products, tit bits and things that spark creativity. So if you are a local creator for gifts, arts, and so forth, do drop by their website:

So basically, the bazaar wasn't too hype or happening as it seems, or probably most fans who showed up for the celebs or influencers are those youngsters. 90% of the clothes are XS, S and M size, which obviously I am unfit in the size nor the target age, LOL.

What interests was the coordinator/ admin of the Plus Size Exchange, where ClosetStyles a collaboration with Plus Size Exchanged (Malaysia), where you can trade in, sell your clothes, and of course you may purchase really nice plus-sized clothes in the bazaar.

Well, and the plus-sized clothes are very beautiful, as well as the person in charge of the booth (sorry, couldn't recall her name, update me if you are the one, or you know who is the one in very sexy bear-back ocean blue flora dress) I was like: "Can I buy the dress you are wearing now?"


On the other hand, wonder how does ClosetStyles earn money from the platform...traffic?
Anyway, Do drop by and start shopp at ClosetStyles website and app:

Thursday, October 20, 2016

German Restaurant Hoe's in Bandar Puteri Puchong - German Pork Delicacies

16 July 2016 - I was happy when my old time girlfriend, Mei Yen asking me out for a gathering with her buddies. Once a while, we will come out to have some reunion dinner together. Although that day I was really craving for steamboat in Puchong, we decided to stop over at Hoe's to have german pork sausages and proper dinner.

Well, what I can say, we aren't aiming for beer or wine, but still want to get slightly tipsy. We ordered
Lorina Prestige Sparkling Pink Citrus Lemonade Soda, made in France. sparkling soda just to cheat our mind that we are drinking sparkling wine, LOL!

Surprise surprise, the lady owner of Hoe's is a really thoughtful person. She created a kids' corner for the children to play some toys, while the family can enjoy their meal. Well, in such a cozy and I would, not the normal restaurant environment, it is not easy to have a kids' corner.

The whole wall was decorated with quotes, mostly inspiring, happy and funny quotes, a reason for you to kill time, discuss the quotes with your friends, as you wait for your meal.

Hoe's is ready to serve different kinds of sauce for your main course later!

Basically, we ordered their summer salad (sorry for the bad picture, I suck in this) RM 25. green coral lettuce, sliced cucumber, onions, olives, melon, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and vinegar seasoning. Something to start off with!

Here comes the mini pot of creamy mushroom soup RM 11. Lady owner proposes to have something to share (typical Malaysian style when it comes to big family/ or a number of people enjoy sharing their food altogether, to be able taste every bit of everything) I do remember the fresh chopped mushroom 'swimming' in the creamy mushroom soup...drizzled with a touch of olive oil.

Don't ask us why, Malaysian always like to order mushroom soup, and then aglio olio spaghetti RM 20. The portion was slightly smaller, but it is wonderful to have sauteed mushrooms, olive oil, dried chillis, and sauteed garlic to goes along with the spaghetti.

Now, this is the main catch. It is really like having half size of a pig being served on this dish, man!
I believe we took their signature combo plate priced at RM 138.90. What are to be served?
A combination of whole roast knuckle, cripsy roast pork, grilled pork chop, bbq ribs, sausages, streaky bacon served with sauerkraut, seasonal vegetables, a bowl of mashed potatoes.

It's like showcasing all types of pork meat, and being grilled, with brown sauce as topping on top of all these pork meats. I was like: "Thank god there is at least 1 type of meat aren't pork (that's the chicken I'm talking about), or else I will have phobia in finishing this whole platter. We have 6-7 ladies trying to finish up this whole platter, was really a huge meal!

Overall food experience: I believe they might make their very own pork sausage, bacons and hams. very crispy roast pork and pork knuckle. If you are a fan of Brussels, you will enjoy great pork meal in the German way at here.



2A, Jalan Puteri 2/6, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Phone: +60 3-8065 2988