Friday, September 9, 2016

Fun Children Snack time with dried fruit snacks - Frutzee

26 June 2016 - I was happy when Alex told me there is a new dried fruits snacks coming to the town. No, not Santa coming to town. It is Frutzee!

Cute right? Frutzee is offering something I and my baby cannot refuse.

Introducing you the Frutzee Family - meet crispy apple, crispy banana, crunchy berry and crunchy grapes. Frutzee are naturally healthy and super tasty snacks without preservatives, colourings and taste enhancers.

You must be thinking how can the fruits to be so crunchy and crispy? Made from real fruit freeze-dried immediately after picking, Frutzee locks in all the natural goodness and nutritional benefits of the fresh fruits.

Nutrio Food uses a patented and proven cutting-edge technology, whereby fruits are washed and placed in a vacuum chamber to be cooled up to -30 degree Celsius.

And then you must be wondering, do I still get the same nutrients of the original fruits?

Yes. By freezing the fruits at fresh point, the natural freshness and taste are retained. In addition, air is pumped out in the vacuuming process, changing the frozen water crystals into gas and leaving the fruit dehydrated.

Okay, don't get so confused with the process of making Frutzee. Because this is not something you should be worried of. What you should do now, is to enjoy the convenient dried Frutzee fruit snacks.

Each box of Frutzee contains 4 small little packs of the fruit snacks. Tightly sealed, with aluminium packaging to ensure the fruits chips freshness.

Made a smiley banana icon just for fun.

Oh my, do you think this is roasted peanuts? Those are the crunchy grapes actually.

The shy strawberry.

Last but not least, the crunchy cute red apple.

Now, it is time to test whether my kid himself is keen for Frutzee or not.

Baby: Hmm, there is something on the table. What's that, mummy?

I: I also don't know, why don't you give a try?

Baby took the Frutzee  chips and put it into his mouth. and you can hear the crispy sound as he tastes the crispy banana chips.

And then what I know next is, my kid will just shake the small packaging, ask me to open Frutzee snack for him, and I have to serve him Frutzee by placing it on the table (Don't worry, I make sure my glass table is clean before I placed my Frutzee on the table).

And then the next thing you know, he just munch non-stop till it is all clear on the table.

So you must be wondering, since fruits are always fresh and naturally sweet, most children will eat the fruits.

However, in my experience, not really, with cripsy Frutzee, you can assure your kids are loving it, as they are sweet and crispy, as if they are another healthy version of french fries or potato chips. Plus, it is so convenient for us to bring the Frutzee pack, by just putting in our travel bag, instead of cutting the fresh fruits, or you might be worried the fresh fruits will change it colors (brownish) after leaving it outside for some time.

And erm,...ooh yeah, I end up eating up most of the Frutzee snacks, more than my kid! My kid will be like: such a lame mom, finishing all my snacks!


Price: RM 18 per box.

Gentle reminder: Frutzee snacks will become soggy after 10 mins upon opening packaging, due to the humid temperature and moisture of the surroundings.

You can purchase Frutzee online from their website:

or go to their website to check the nearest store location for you to buy Frutzee.

Frutzee is bought to you by Nutrio Malaysia:

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